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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

 Inhale exhale. Imagine the smell of meat being grilled. Each with their own distinct aroma and flavor. That is what GEN KOREAN BBQ HOUSE is all about. Serving different types of premium meat that is best cooked with the grill and eaten KOREAN STYLE.
 Located along SM BY THE WAY and just in front of CONRAD HOTEL, this has got to be the biggest Korean Grill Buffet I have ever been to. With almost 500 seating capacity, it's no joke to keep the place in tip top shape. Hailing from the United States, GEN KOREAN BBQ HOUSE is a classic example of a restaurant that mixes and creates a fusion between culture.
 Right from the get go, guests are given the chance to choose different types of meat. To avoid cross contamination, you could only get a few at a time. It's also to ensure that everyone gets to maximize the food without spoilage. Don't worry though as you could ask for as many refills as you want. Around lunch, 25 dishes are available with a rate of 798++ Php per person. Weekends, holidays, and dinner would have 35 dishes available but at a cost of 1288++ Php.
 Some might argue that it's a bit too much but with all the premium meat that they offer, it's a bargain.
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The staff would gladly help and even recommend on how to cook the dishes and what the best sellers are. In all honesty, it was quite a mouthful pronouncing all the dishes. Thankfully, the menu has a description of each. The marinated pork belly and even the premium steak are a hit with the patrons. If you're more adventurous, you could go for the intestine and a pork belly marinated in red wine. Furthermore, they even have some cooked dishes for you try out.
To maximize the flavor of the meat, it's best to mix it with all the unlimited banchan or Korean appetizers served around the table. Going with the lettuce salad and the kimchi works pretty well. A couple of things to keep in mind though: bring an extra shirt just because you might smell a bit from all of the cooking; bring an empty stomach.

Seaside Boulevard, Mall of Asia Complex,
Pasay City, Metro Manila.

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