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Thursday, September 28, 2017

 One of the things that I look for when visiting a restaurant or a hotel buffet would be the staff and the people behind them. Of course, food quality and choices are on the top of the list but the people behind the counter matters a lot as well.
 Just a week back, I found myself in the CITY OF DREAMS MANILA. To be more specific, I was in HYATT'S The Cafe. During this event, I met the newest FNB director of Hyatt City of Dreams Mr. Chad Ogdenn. He brings with him 27 years of rich culinary experience while working in different hotel and restaurants around the world. With his new post, he brought in his love for food. I believe you can't be in the industry without being madly deeply in love with it. Because of that, I'm pretty much happy with how things are looking up at HYATT CITY OF DREAMS MANILA.
Going back, the buffet at The Cafe is still large and spacious. You get a dose of different cheeses and appetizers, main courses, Chinese cuisine, pasta, pizza, meat carvings and a long line for dessert items.
Aside from the different items that you could pick, Chad has a few favorite dishes that you have got to try. These would include the yakitori, deep dish Chicago style pizza, and even the black pepper beef.
Personally though, I'm in love with their take on the crispy pata. Juicy, tender, and moist, it can't get better than this. The crunchy skin is the most soft after piece of the pata. You gotta try their version out.
The Cafe is located at the Ground Level of Hyatt City of Dreams Manila. You could contact them at (632) 691 1234 extension 1162.

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