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Saturday, October 21, 2017

 If you find yourself free later tonight October 21, I suggest that you head on over to the 2nd day of the WHISKY LIVE MANILA 2017. Here, you get to experience, taste, and learn about the different whisky available in the market and more. 
For the second straight year, WHISKY LIVE MANILA 2017 will be at SHANGRI-LA FORT. From October 20-21, 7pm to 12midnight, guests would be able to try out different alcoholic beverages. These are the different things I learned from going on the first day.
 There are MASTERCLASS sessions that you could attend. Aside from the main big event, you could check out some of the classes they have instore for you. Even if you're a newbie or a long time fan of different alcoholic drinks, you get to experience something unique and albeit rare and expensive drinks. For the DALMORE MASTERCLASS, it was Adam Knox who gave a very insightful lesson about DALMORE. He went through a quick how to appreciate and the different history, notes, and flavors. One thing I enjoyed was being able to try out DALMORE'S 30 year old Sherry. Although not available in the market, this was a sweet wake up call of things to come.
 After an hour in the masterclass, head on over to the huge function room that has all the booths and different events happening.
 As you enter you are given chips. One white and one blue and a number of red chips. You use the blue for the best whisky you've tasted while the white one is for the best booth. The red chips are your tokens to avail of the different drinks that they have to offer.
 Don't worry if you run out of red chips, head on over to the breathalyzer. If you get a good mark, they will give you more red chips. One tip though would be to blow hard and wait for the beep to end before stopping.
 There are a number of Whisky available. Actually there are around 131 ++ variants of liquor that's there for you to partake. You could try out the usual and famous ones but there are some that are quite unique. I'm no expert but I did enjoy a number of them.
 See the bottle on the left? That is the OCTAVE MORTLACH. It's something that has a great finish and not overly peaty.
 Kavalan was also present. A Taiwanese brand that has won multiple awards, I suggest that you go and try out the SOLIST. At around Php 16,000 per bottle, it's awesome to spend your chips here.
 Other than WHISKY, you could also find other alcohol variants in the hall.
 The ROKU GIN is a Japanese Brand that goes well in a gin and tonic. Same goes with the UNGAVA, a Canadian Premium Gin.
 Newcomers to the Philippine Market, KOVAL is a welcome treat. Something from Chicago, this has a great bourbon variant that you could taste the corn outright.
 For something of a mix, the HEDONIST is a must. This COGNAC and GINGER liqueur has that very friendly vibe and flavor. This is a great choice for newbies such as myself as it was on the sweet side.
 There were actually a lot of promotional giveaways as well. Some booths had discount coupons, whisky bottles, key chains, glasses and even this cute personalized leather holder.
Other booths had techy setups like this touchscreen table and even a dj booth setup.
Even if you're not a heavy whisky drinker, you'll still enjoy going to WHISKY LIVE MANILA 2017. Happening October 20-21, 2017 in Shangri-la Fort, this is one heck of an event. You could head on over to for tickets and more information.

Please have dinner or a quick snack before heading over. Although there are food for sale at the site, I think it's better to head on over to your favorite restaurant for a light snack.
Remember it's important to coat your stomach with something oily.
Don't forget to be responsible. Do not drink and drive.
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