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Monday, November 20, 2017

 Breakfast has always been the most important part of any day. This is the time when you get yourself together and plan what's next. It spells out if you're going to have a good one or a lousy day ahead.
 At HIGH STREET CAFE in SHANGRI-LA FORT BGC, they take breakfast seriously. Aside from the different stations that you could visit and check out, they have a number of dishes that you could request.
 Right from the get go, they get you going with some shooters. These healthy juice shots are a jolt of surprise. Not only do they think about your health, they also make them delicious.
 You might also want to have some chia seeds with mangoes and oats. Pretty darn good treat to start everything.

 Filipinos are known for having pandesal or bread early morning. Here at HIGH STREET CAFE, they make them a notch higher. These cream cheese pandesal with baked egg and bacon has an amazing runny egg right in the center. Talk about egg porn.
 If last night was a party night, these PORK CONGEE would do wonders for your hangover. Served with century egg and an assortment of toppings, it's a sure fire way of letting your tummy rest and have fun.
 For some, the noodles station would be the most ideal to start breakfast. It's here that you get to make your own dish. By mixing and adding what ever ingredients you may like, the chef at the station could make things happen.
 For some Malaysian Flavors, the PONTIAN noodle dish might be your best bet. You can classify this as a "dry noodle bowl" but the flavors are really packed in there.
 Rice lovers would be extremely happy with the BEEF PARES. Tender, juicy, and aromatic, this dish is a must get whenever you're having breakfast at HIGH STREET CAFE. The smell reminds you of early mornings at home. I am happy to say that the next time I visit Shangri-la The Fort, this would be a dish I would definitely go for.

 Aside from these dishes, the buffet spread for breakfast at Shangri-la's High Street Cafe has a lot to offer. They have a cheese station, healthy dishes, noodles, cooked dishes, and of course BACON.
 For dessert, you might want to try out their version of the NUTELLA and BANANA PIZZA. The crust isn't as pizza as you might think but it does serves it purpose.

HIGH STREET CAFE is the all day buffet dining outlet of Shangri-la The Fort in Bonifacio Global City. It's located on level 2 just beside the check-in counter in the lobby.


30th Street, Corner 5th Avenue,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila
Website of Shangri-la The Fort

Disclaimer: wrote this based on my experience
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