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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Back when I was a kid, drinks were pretty simple. It was either sodas or juices. Juices were fun and made fresh while sodas were a luxury. It was a simple time and flavors were spot on. Fast forward to the present and here we are being greeted by the first ever FRUIT TRUCK in BGC.
Just last week, LOCALLY went full blast and introduced another innovation. A FRUIT TRUCK! Known as the LOCALLY FRUIT TRUCK, this "van" delivers amazing mixes of refreshing LOCALLY JUICE DRINKS. 
During the launch, guests were treated to entertainment that promoted Filipino Pride. Furthermore, LOCALLY by NUTRIASIA went above and beyond by having patrons try out the different flavors. 
The flavors include Tamarind, Pomelo, Siniguelas, Calamansi, Guyabano, Dalandan, and Mangosteen. Aside from these, everyone was given the chance to play games to win prizes and giveaways. Did we mention that these drinks were free?
During the event, the LOCALLY FRUIT TRUCK had different Filipino flavor mixes made and co-created by the expert liquid chef Liquido Maestro.
Some of the mixed juices were pretty good that they could really be sold at high end restaurants and bars. They even had cocktails that were affordable and comparable to other places. What's good here is that local flavors are used and are being promoted.
With Locally, they embrace Filipino Pride. Natural homegrown fruits fit the unique, fun and quirky characters of Pinoys. That’s why the juices created are of flavors that are proudly found in the Philippines. 
The LOCALLY FRUIT TRUCK will go around Metro Manila's top food parks, resto hubs, malls, and transport terminals. You could check out their Facebook page at
Naturally unique variants:
Mangosteenie Miney Mo
Tamarind My Bell
Kamias You Are
You've Dalandan It Again!
Guyabano-body but You (NEW)
Calamansi'z the Day!
Different Themes
Written by Lovely

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