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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

If the usual hotel buffet bores you, I guess Makati Shangri-La's Sage Sunday BBQ Brunch would be an ideal place to try out something new. I found myself visiting this hotel on a Sunday with good friends and awesome company. The spread isn't as big as you might compare it to other buffet lineups but it does give you the best bang for buck since it focuses more on quality rather than quantity.
Drinks are an important part of any meal. Here, they offer you some choices that could cure your hangover or even perk you up. That day, they were serving some bloody marys and an apple flavored sparkling mix.
After settling down, it's best to walk around the room to check out the different dishes they have have in store for you. You could fill up your plate with an assortment of cheese and cold cuts. There's even a number of salad choices that could get you moving.
Even if it's a BBQ styled and themed brunch buffet, they also have a few seafood offerings. They have shrimps, and a couple of salmon based dishes.
Crab cakes and smoky, spicy Chicken wings were present too.
I had fun with the burger station though. Here, you could have them create your own personalized juicy burger. Partner it with cheese, bacon, caramelized onions, and other toppings and you just might have one happy tummy.
I was pleasantly surprised when I got my double patty burger. Topped with bacon, melted cheese, and some darn good onions, I was salivating when I took the first bite.
Aside from the California Chicken Wrap Station, there's also a Ceasar Salad station that makes your favorite salad on the go. You could add pork, chicken, and shrimps as toppings.
For me, partnering it with some cold cuts, fruits, and even a bit of steak from the grill station made it a better salad. Honestly, it's quite hard to eat veggies with just veggies but having it with some other friendlier flavors could trick my tongue into liking it.
Speaking of, the MEAT selection of the SUNDAY BBQ BRUNCH would be its crown and glory. A number of different cuts were present aside from usual grilled items that you may see.
Dessert was also an impressive sight. Aside from the different cakes and pastry that they serve, they also had churros and grilled bananas that you could customize. Also, their ice cream and fruits selection were spot on.
SAGE BESPOKE GRILL of MAKATI SHANGRI-LA offers this BBQ BRUNCH every Sunday from 11:30am to 3pm until March 31. It is priced at Php 2,000 Nett. An additional Php 800 nett would be availed of if you would wish for unlimited serving of house win, beer and soft drinks.

2nd Level
Makati Shangri-la
Makati Avenue Corner Ayala Avenue
Makati City,
Metro Manila.

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Written by Lovely

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