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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

When visiting somewhere, it's pretty important to check out something you haven't experienced yet. Going to Alabang for a music festival is another excuse for me to head on over to a new restaurant. At MOLITO, the THOMSON ROAD CHINESE BISTRO recently opened. Thankfully, my friends and I had some time to spare and checked out this new place.

Judging a book by its cover is never a good thing. At THOMSON ROAD, it's like you're transported to a different place once you go inside. Decor on the wall and a couple of other design instruments makes it a place to welcome guests raring to dig in. It reminds me of some of my travels abroad.
The dishes at THOMSON ROAD is somewhat Chinese with Singaporean Flare. There are hints of that special something you get at an Asian Restaurant. Starting off with some Laksa, there's some bite into it. The noodles do not sag and it absorb the flavors pretty well. A bit spicy but it is perfect.
Drinks are also specially made for those craving some tea mixtures. There are some coffee paired with tea and more milk tea involved as well.
BAO'S are an important  part of the menu as well. They have this specially made lumpia that's enveloped inside the cuapao. There's even one that has a mix of Chinese Sausage and some deep fried batter.
For something familiar, the SIOMAI is pretty good. Made with no extenders, the shrimps are huge and filling. It's actually as big as a golf ball.
The PLATTER though would be your bet when with a group. The pork belly are pretty deadly. Properly glazed, you get the best moist and tender piece of meat that you would want in your sandwich. It's even partnered with a garlic mayo dip.
The rice bowls were just amazing. These bowls are a complete meal into themselves.
You could go for the pork belly or even the duck. Personally, I would order another cup of rice just so as to balance the sauce and the flavors. A order is good for two persons and is better if shared.
Sharing, is a big thing when you're having a meal with friends. Their dessert is no exception. This Manga and hindi Sago was actually good for 2-3 persons. There's freshly cut mangoes and even sherbet in it. The Sago part is a surprise and it's up to you to find out what it is.
THOMSON ROAD is located in Molito Commercial Complex in Alabang in Muntinlupa. They are open from 11:30 am to 10pm.

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