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Thursday, April 19, 2018

 The feeling of excitement. Adrenaline rushing through your veins. Every single movement is planned out. That was what Jamie Lirazan felt when she was the first of three lucky winners of BPI'S SIP AND GRAB PROMOTION.
 Just earlier this week, the lucky winner was brought to Manila for one in a million chance to get everything and anything one would want from SM APPLIANCES. Different items were laid out and the stage was set. The whole store was closed just for them.
 The goal is to bring all your hearts desire to the red carpet in 100 seconds. Everyone present was already thinking about the different tactics one should do in order to maximize everything. You could use an object to carry the small items but that would mean that you need to drag something heavy and it could kill your time. Maybe you could also go back and forth and aim for the small but pricey items. It was a toss up! A 100 seconds could be fast or slow depending on how you work your magic. Either way, the experience is definitely exhilarating for anyone.
 That day, the challenger went home with appliances and gadgets worth Php 456,000. There was a Samsung Curve 55", a PS4, laptops and cellphone units. It was nerve-wrecking but a once in a lifetime opportunity.
For all you lucky BPI credit cardholders, you have a couple more chances of being the chosen one. Every time you use the Special Installment Plan with a minimum transaction of Php 20,000, with a 12-month term or longer, you get to earn a raffle to this amazing promotion. It's open to all active BPI Credit Cardholders in good standing. The Promo runs until May 31, 2018.

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  1. Oh noooo that is soooo lit, kung ako ang nanjan i wonder anu ang uunahin ko! hahahahahaha

  2. It's something that could really make your heart pump ! and I guess another important tip would be proper shoes with grip and a great technique on how to get the most number of items with the highest worth.