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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

It's not just a restaurant, it's a show in its own right. That's how I felt with how the new foodie place, CAMP CURRY is. Once you enter, you see the grill greeting you. The chefs are right infront of you and you're getting a glimpse of how they will cook your food. Different outdoor items are placed all around to give you that camping feel as well.
Located in Ayala Triangle in Makati, CAMP CURRY is a franchise from Japan. A popular place to enjoy grilled meat and curry, one could definitely make a bee line to this new restaurant. Started in 2007, founder Takashi Sato started with the first CAMP Curry in an alley of Yoyogi.
Since this is a Curry restaurant, Lassi would be an ideal partner to the food that's about to greet you. It gives off a refreshing taste each time you have a bite. The menu in itself is pretty simple. Choose a type of curry, and also a main dish to partner with it.
There are three types of curries to choose from. They have the original Brown Keema Curry. The best seller, this thick base is mixed with minced chicken. There are also different spices to greet you. The Green Vegeful Curry is a healthier choice. Somewhat different, this 100% vegetables could cater to the healthy crowd. Take note there's a hint of wasabi. Since this is the first restaurant in Manila, they created the Red Bisque Curry. With shrimp as a base, there's a bit of tomatoes blended with the curry base. I would have wished for the bisque to be a little bit thicker. Also, you could ask the server to have the curry a bit spicier.
So far there are 6 different plates to choose from. You could start your journey with the BBQ PORK BELLY. A meat lovers heaven, this is partnered with a generous serving of Chunky Vegetables and rice.
Seafood lovers would enjoy the grilled shrimp as well. Plump and moist, you won't go wrong with it.
Personally though, I had a great time with the BBQ BEEF. The meat was tender and flavorful. I couldn't stop myself from getting more and more.
Now, there's also a vegetarian option and even chicken. If that's not enough, they could also let you have a go at their sausages. It's basically up to you which type of dish you'll go for. If you're with companions, I would suggest ordering different types of curry.
Dessert is there for those that has more space in their stomach. Their french toast was pretty good. A definite must when in Camp Curry. Having crunchy sides makes the cinnamon mix and vanilla ice cream work well with the bread. For the camping experience, the S'MORES is a must. Marshmallows are burnt with graham biscuits and chocolate syrup. There's also matcha ice cream on top as a bonus.
Camp Curry is located along the restaurant row in Ayala Triangle. They are open from 11am to 10pm. Lunch and dinner crowd might be a problem if you can't wait. I suggest having a go at it during non-peak hours. Better yet, you could have the food to go.

Ayala Triangle
Ayala Avenue, Makati City,
Metro Manila

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to try out the restaurant.
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