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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Sometimes it's quite hard to prepare your food when you're stuck at work or you don't have enough time. Thankfully, there's a store that prepare frozen ready to cook dishes and all preservative free. Say hello to TITALLENNIALS.
Titallennials is a store in Manila that caters to families. They have a number of dishes that's quick, easy to cook, and delicious to eat. Most are homemade but they also have different Chinese dishes to choose from that is perfect for shabu-shabu and even dimsum.
This time around, I was able to try out the smoked bacon and the Korean Pork Bbq. The bacon was pretty good as there's a deep flavor. Partnered with fried egg, you can't go wrong with this bacon for breakfast.
The KOREAN PORK BBQ was prepared very well. It was something that would make me have an extra order of rice. There's a bit of sesame flavor and the meat was tender. I really enjoyed it.
Aside from these preservative free, homemade products, TITALLENNIALS offers organic vegetables fresh from Baguio every Wednesday. They could also have the items delivered through Lalamove. No minimum amount required just payment for the shipping fee.

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The store is located at 345C YCaza St., San Miguel Manila.
St. Jude Catholic School Walkway
You may contact them via
Viber: 09209274177 

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