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Saturday, September 28, 2019

Just a few days ago, I visited 8 SUITES HOTEL in TAGAYTAY. It was a different way of seeing the famous weekend gateaway. I was surprised, to say the least. There was only a few structures around and everywhere I look it would either be tall grass or a pineapple field. It seems as if I was transported back in time. It made me wonder if that was what the commercialized area of Tagaytay was years ago.
The air was clean and the grass tremendously green. The view was incredible. No huge buildings and it was just perfect. The nearest convenience store was around 5 minutes by motorcyle. It seems like I was in a different world. It was sort of an escape from the hustles and bustles of the city.
8 SUITES was actually a university project of David Gomez. Back then, it was either an extreme sports activity company in Boracay or a different property in Palawan. Thinking that the commute might be a bit difficult, he went with Tagaytay. In just a few years, his ROI was achieved and he hasn't looked back. Wanting to create a sanctuary, 8 Suites achieved just that. Rooms were well-groomed and taken cared of. Privacy is a key feature of staying at 8 SUITES in Tagaytay. The staff make sure that you have everything that you need and more.  They also offer glamping as a different take on spending a night in Tagaytay. With future plans to operate and maintain a pool, their garden seems to be a great venue for a little get together between friends or even for a photo shoot.
Recently 8 SUITES partnered with Chef Erica Aquino of 49-B Heirloom fame to transform their quaint dining area into a full-fledged restaurant. With views like that, they would definitely captitalize on dining and privacy.
Chef Erica went ahead and showed us a little bit of what's to come. She had this spring roll with fresh cuts of coconut meat inside. She went further with some paella and lengua sisig to spice things up.
Since sisig isn't for everyone, she also made a sizzling lengua version. The gravy was spot on. It made you want to order another serving of rice. Other appetizers like gambas, salpicao, and cheesy mussels were served.
After all the food that you could have, one could opt for a massage. For me though, their bed is more than enough reason for me to stay at 8 SUITES.

8 SUITES HOTEL in TAGAYTAY is located on Lot 7 Iruhin Ridge View, Barangay Iruhin, Tagaytay.  

As of 9-27-2019, the access road going to 8 Suites is under construction as part of a road widening and pipe laying project. As such, it would be better to bring a SUV when visiting 8 Suites.

Disclaimer:wrote this based on my opinons. was invited to 8 suites.
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