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Thursday, October 31, 2019

A good Korean restaurant doesn't have to be an eat-all-you-call buffet place that serves unlimited quantity of meat. Rather, it could be a place that is not smoky nor noisy. At GAJA KOREAN KITCHEN in POBLACION, MAKATI, the dishes are well thought off and cater to both Korean and Filipino palate.
Located on the second floor of a building along Kalayaan Avenue, this place caters to late night eaters and korean food cravers. One starts off with the traditional banchan. A set of appetizers are served which could be a mix of kimchi, deep fried small fish, egg, and fish cakes.

If salads are your thing, they have a couple that makes use of a mix of korean flavors. One is the Beef Bulgogi and another uses a sweet and spicy gochujang. One of my favorite is the DEEP SEA PAGEON. This Korean pancake is crispy and you'll find yourself just munching on it.
Rice meals are an integral part of the restaurant menu. They have lunch box sets from 11am-4pm or one could pick from a curry plate with deep fried pork cutlet, chicken, and even hamburger.
The crispy batter is perfect with the juicy meat of the chicken. The curry is mixed with a bit of kimchi flavor that spiced things up.
Extremely well cooked, the GALBI-JJIM or short rib is cooked for 48 hours. Sous vide, this is extremely tender and soft.
Partnered with a potato and carrot puree, this beef would be perfect with tons of rice.
The BULGOGI HAMBURG is a a joy to eat. It's like a complete burger meal. The meat is cooked to work well with the sauteed vegetables and mushrooms.
GAJA KOREAN KITCHEN is not your ordinary KOREAN BUFFET PLACE. It's a place to relax and eat dishes catered to the Korean and Filipino tongue.

8445 Kalayaan Ave, Makati, Metro Manila
Parking is available in the basement. 

Disclaimer: wrote this based on my experience. was invited to this event.
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