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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

If there was one place that I would like to have some beer loving, it would be BROTZEIT. Known as the place to visit for your European Soccer needs, this German bar has a ton of drinks available. Just this weekend, my friends and I in the Kain Tulog Gang had an intimate gathering. A Christmas Party of sorts with all the old fellas over. Been friends with most of them roughly 7 years makes this a must go to event.
BROTZEIT SHANGRI-LA is located in the alfresco area of Shangri-la mall in Mandaluyong. Parking could be a problem but valet is always available. I did arrive late because of the Christmas Rush but the spread was just amazing. I started with the GRAZING BOARD. Ham, different types of cheese, jam and even pretzel ensaymada. This is a must for snacking and drinking.
Salad wise, I was impressed and surprised. I didn't know that Brotzeit offers these healthy treats. One could be a seafood version with seared tuna, shrimps, and smoked salmon. The other is more a more party take on salad. The FESTIVE WINTER SALAD has a mix of lettuse, beetroot, brussel sprouts and caramelized carrots. Cranberries and nuts were added to the fray as well.
The spread was filled with different types of SCHNITZEL. Along with a number of side dishes like mashed potato and sauerkraut, I was pretty happy.
Something for the season, one of them was covered with tomato sauce and cheese. For me though, the BREAKFAST SCHNITZEL was the star. Topped with deep fried egg, bacon and other goodies are sandwiched in between two schnitzel.
Of course a visit to BROTZEIT will never be complete without the PORK KNUCKLE. Somewhat similar to our Crispy Pata, their version employs more meat and skin. The outer layer is crunchy and the inner moist!
Before I forget, I did enjoy the PRETZEL ENSAYMADA. These cuties weren't as sweet as the traditional version but were just perfect to partner with everything.
One should not leave BROTZEIT without the trying the drinks. Aside from the different high-end draft beer they offer, they also have a number of perfect for the holiday treats. One could go for WINTERBIER which is a specialty that is brewed for the cold winter months. Another would be the MULLED WINE which is a GERMAN Christmas Tradition. It's wines filled with aromas of cinnamon and orange. If you're not into alcoholic drinks, you should try their spiced Christmas Hot Chocolate.

Shangrila Plaza, Shaw Boulevard, 
Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, 1552 Metro Manila

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to this event.
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