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Thursday, December 12, 2019

When I moved to the United States, I started to appreciate the great outdoors more. Hiking, snowboarding, going on road trips, are just some of the examples that I kept on doing while I was there. When I visited Davao a few weeks ago, I realized that it's a nice place to check out because of the outdoor activities it offers. One of them would be WHITE WATER RAFTING in the DAVAO RIVER. 
It was on my bucket list. Doing something extreme with my mom. Yes, I was accompanied by my mom and aunt to do white water rafting. I thought they wouldn't do it, but they did. So after making reservations with DAVAO WILDWATER ADVENTURE, I found myself inside DAVAO CROCODILE PARK. This is where the meet up point for this extreme experience.
The assembly time was at 8am. Since we were a little bit early, I was able to check out the park. There were tons of crocodiles around. Some were just waiting with their food in their mouths. Scary but I get it. It's fun to play with food sometimes. Anyway after heading to the office, we were greeted by the staff.
We were given waivers to sign and was asked to watch a short film. They also discussed a bit about safety and everything else. Remember, you will get wet so be prepared and bring a change of clothes, toiletries, towel, and a bag. They will ask that you put your valuables like cellphone, cameras, and things that might get wet into their lockers. If you are wearing glasses, they suggest that you leave them. They would lend you some eyeglass straps if you really need them.
Afterwards, they will be giving you some equipment to bring. Safety is important so they have vests and helmets for you. I would suggest that you wear rashguards and shorts together with aqua shoes.
The adventure itself is for a group of 5 or 6. They actually have a promotion of 5+1 at 1,500Php per person. That's not bad considering that it includes transportation to and from the river, the gears, the guides, a souvenir shirt, documentation like photos and videos. One thing I do not like though is that they give you a couple of cds for the photos and videos. Maybe, they should shift to usb instead. It's faster in my opinion.
This was us before going to the river. The ride is a little bumpy because the roads were being fixed. After an hour or so, you'll arrive in Tamugan. You enter a private area and from there walk down to the staging part. It may be a little slippery so be careful. They also teach you how to put on your vest and helmet properly.
After entering the raft and paddling for a bit, they ask that you fall into the water. Here, they teach you how to position yourself when you fall of the boat. According to them, it's important to lie down with your feet going first down river. This would ensure that you will be able to see where you will be heading and that your feet won't drag you down.
Aside from the guide on the raft, there are two other staff with us. One is a photographer/videographer and another would be a follow person just in case anyone gets thrown into the water.
After an hour or so, we stopped for lunch. They packed meals for us. Do not throw away your trash. Remember to keep it and the staff will actually collect it after you eat.
After lunch, we experienced a little shower. It was actually a welcome reprieve from the heat. Although, you get to see a lot of things while going down river.
I can't really tell you the entire story because you need to experience it for yourself. Let me just say that this part right here had me bounce off my seat. Thankfully, I still landed in the boat. During our rafting, no one was thrown out into the river. It was a great experience that I will never forget. 
We got back to the park at around 4:30pm. There, we had a shower and were given our souvenirs. Aside from rafting, we also got free passes to other activities located in the area (Tribu K Mindanawan, Butterfly House)
1) Reserve in Advance.
2) Be there before 8am.
3) Bring a change of clothes and be prepared to get wet
4) Wear Rashguards, shorts, aqua shoes
5) Don't bring valuables
6) Have fun.

1500 per head.
5+1 promotion.
Itinerary :
8:00 am Assembly at Crocodile Park
9:30 am Departure
10:30 am Arrival at Put In Area, Tamugan
11:00 am Start of Rafting
12:00 noon Lunch
3:00  pm Arrival at Take Out Area, Purok 8, Lacson
3:30  pm Departure for Crocodile Park
4:30  pm Arrival at Crocodile Park

Disclaimer: wrote this based on my experience. Paid for the tickets. Some of the photos were taken by our photographer
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