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Monday, December 2, 2019

A nice decent steak. That's all I ever wanted when I want to indulge. Sometimes, it takes a lot of effort just to get what you want. In this holiday season, traffic would be long and tiring. Parties would be set in different restaurants and the thought of all the cars on the road makes me want not to go out. Enter WOLFGANG'S STEAKHOUSE. Recently, they have launched their catering services that would make your guests brave the traffic and head on over to wherever you may be.
On a lazy Saturday evening, I found myself in a subdivision in Quezon City. Mind you, it's only a few kilometers away from my place but the traffic was hellish. Once I entered and approached the house of one of my friends, I find this. A huge truck that seems different.
Inside, I saw the executive chef of WOLFGANG'S STEAKHOUSE. Chef Chris was busy preparing all the cuts of meat that would be served that day. What made me more excited was that they have their very own broiler inside the truck. This would ensure that the meats are properly cooked the way WOLFGANG'S STEAKHOUSE is known for. Aside from that machine, they also have a number of burners to be used for their other dishes.
While waiting for all the guests, I saw the set up. Everything was crisp and clean. It was as if I was transported to a WOLFGANG'S STEAKHOUSE restaurant in Manila.  The wait staff was courteous and there was even a bar set up. The catering service thought of everything the party might need. From drinks, to utensils, and service, it was all there.
The meal started off with some baked bread. Dinner rolls, focaccia, and more. 
Things started to heat up when they got the shrimp cocktails out. Huge, plump, and juicy, one piece, two piece won't be enough. BUT, one needs to pace for the meal ahead.
A steak dinner won't be complete without salad. Fresh greens to make up the ceasar salad, it was perfect precursor to a heavy meal.
It seems that they try to start the meal with some healthy dishes. The next one was the GRILLED SALMON. Perfectly cooked, tastes really good with the sauce.
For meat lovers, the CANADIAN BACON is a must. Thick cut, the bacon is just amazing. It's not your normal bacon but it has a deep flavor.
Before the main event, the wait staff offers glasses of wine. I chose to have red as it goes well with steak.
For the main course. The Steak.  WOLFGANG'S STEAKHOUSE does excellent steak.
They serve them medium to medium rare. Honestly, I like it. It's a little red but juicy and it retains all the flavors. They have the USDA PRIME DRY-AGED STEAK. Flown in weekly and dry aged for an average of 28 days, the flavor of the beef are enhanced.
Something that guests must not miss would be the STEAK FRIED RICE. Only served in the Philippines, this is the mother of all steak fried rice. Made with drippings and cuts of succulent meat, the fried rice is a great partner to the meat. Don't forget to get a serving of their famous creamed spinach and mashed potatoes.
The meal will not be complete without dessert. Here, they offer their Chocolate Mousse and their New York Style Cheese cake. Both luscious, it's a must to try them.
WOLFGANG'S STEAKHOUSE in the Philippines is now offering their Catering Services. A minimum of 12 persons is required for the offer. The menu can actually be customized based on the needs of the party.

(632)75056272 ; (+63917) 7028913 ;

Disclaimer:wrote this based on my experience. was invited to this meal.
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