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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

What is a staycation? It's a vacation without going out too far. Like staying in but in a different environment. I wanted one since I was stressed out. With the hassle of the holiday season, I wanted to rest. I really needed to stay away. Thankfully, I was able to do that in MAXIMS.
  A couple of years back,  I was able to score a free night stay at Maxims Hotel in Resorts World Manila. Thankfully, it has no expiry date and was still valid when I tried to redeem it a couple of weeks back. Maxims is being projected as a 6 star hotel with an all suite room category. In all honesty, it seemed to be a marketing strategy. They say that you have a dedicated butler but I didn't see one nor heard of one when I checked in. In any case, I was just there to relax and enjoy my stay.
 Check-in was a breeze. Since valet parking is free for staying guests, I went with that. Unfortunately, they do not have self-parking slots. So remember, to just bring your valuables. The hotel lobby was at 5th floor. There was no lines when we got there and was able to have our room earlier than the standard 3pm check-in. The fact that my brother and I stayed there during the weekday made it more seamless. 
We stayed in a Maxims Suite. It was their entry level room. It was quite big for a hotel room but wasn't as impressive as other suites found in other hotels in the metro. At 54 sq meters, it was spacious and even had a study table and a lounge area. They had welcome fruits for guests too.
The study area had everything you might need for your business. From coffee to tea, and even scratch paper for your work. They also have a flat screen, cable tv, mini bar, refrigerator, and safe. Unlike other suite rooms, their mini-bar is not part of the room charge.
The toilet area was pretty big as it's shower is separated from the the toilet. They also have a bath tub together with a his and hers sink.
 Guests would be happy to note that their toilet has a bidet.
 Turn down service was a let down. They only did it for one bed and even got my own stash of bottled water to place beside my bed. I can't help but compare the service as other hotels with the same room category would offer snacks and would even replenish toiletries used.
The sleep factor was amazing. It was quiet and relaxing. Shower and tub was amazing too. The next day, breakfast buffet is served at the Terrace. This is one of their in house restaurants. They offer drinks together with a line up of dishes.
 The choices were a little too plain for a hotel like this. The food wasn't as great that it would force you to wake up. It was as if I wished I had slept in instead and ordered room service. Speaking of service, it was much to be desired too. I had to call the attention of the wait staff so that we could be served water and coffee. At times, I had to get water myself from their work area.
 On the other hand, their gym is top notch. Although there isn't any staff inside, you'll be happy to know that it's 24/7.
 Another draw for MAXIMS would be their pool. It's quite an escape. There are cabanas for you to use as well.
MAXIMS at RESORTS WORLD MANILA is a great 5 star hotel. I wouldn't bill it as a 6 star hotel as things were lacking. The sleep was perfect but breakfast and service needs some attention. Seeing that base rate for a night's stay is around 15,000Php, I would skip this hotel and head on over to other hotels in the area. From what I also learned, hotel rooms are catered more towards the gambling guests. Resorts World's Maxims offers free or discounted room stays for their guests when it comes to tables.
5th floor.
Newport Blvd. , Pasay, Manila

Disclaimer:wrote this based on my experience. used a voucher I won from a tournament.
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