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Monday, August 24, 2020

Months of quarantine have prompted many to explore their culinary talents and recreate dishes that broke the internet. From street food to drink mixes, desserts, restaurant favorites, and fancier versions of convenience store food, many have learned to recreate popular dishes in their own kitchen. 
Here are nine popular dishes you can try to make at home.
Mac n' Cheese is considered one of the most beginner-friendly dishes to cook at home. it only needs macaroni, milk, and cheese mixed in a pot. Mac n' cheese also comes in all shapes and sizes, making it one of the most versatile and delicious dishes out there.
 One popular mac n' cheese dish uses Beecher's flagship cheese sold in public markets and grocery stores in the U.S. The good news is you don't have to flu to the U.S. to taste this mac n' cheese dishes. USE THIS RECIPE TO REPLICATE THE FAMOUS BEECHER'S mac n' cheese with ingredients available in your grocery store. 
Cookies are a great snack to munch on or to give as rewards after your kids have finished arranging their toys or doing their chores. The Luxurious DOUBLETREE BY HILTON HOTEL shares its recipe on how to create their signature chocolate chip cookies. If you want chunkier chocolate chips on your cookies, PRET A MANAGER recommends using large chocolate buttons.
With the Christmas countdown beginning in September, you might want to take advantage of being in quarantine to master cooking paella. Originally a laborer's dish, this Spanish course has become one of the most well-known European dishes. SPAIN ON A FORK shows you how to recreate the authentic seafood paella from Valencia that will be perfect for your family Noche Buena.
Baked sushi is another dish that became popular on social media due to many vloggers and chef's recreating the recipe. This has led to many online entrepreneurs selling baked sushi to bring the contemporary dish to homes everywhere. BUT YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN BAKED SUSHI AT HOME since sushi ingredients are available at Asian grocery marts and online sellers of Korean and Japanese food.  Here's my version of the BAKED SUSHI that I made at home easily.
Yet another international classic, fish n'chips allows you to get a taste of London, Engliand without leaving home. Fish & Co., a restaurant in SM North EDSA's Sky Garden, is one of the few places you can order fish n' chips from. Sm North EDSA is just MINUTES AWAY FROM ETON CENTRIS making it easily accessible if you live in this side of the city.
If you live in an area where fish n' chips isn't available for delivery, you can still satiate your fish n' chips craving by MAKING YOUR OWN VERSION OF THE BRITISH DELICACY AT HOME.

The milk tea craze has just gotten bigger when the quarantine was implemented. Food delivery services have made it possible for you to explore various milk tea flavors and quech your thrist for sugary drinks. 
If you are craving milk tea but you want to save money from buying a cup weekly, you can make your own for cheaper. THERE ARE RECIPES THAT SHOW YOU HOW TO MAKE VARIOUS MILK TEA FLAVORS with ingredients you have at home or from your grocery store.
These soup dumplings from Jiangsu Province, China have stirred the interest of dumpling lovers everywhere. It is perfect with rice and hot tea, and the idea of having broth inside the dumpling is baffling and offers a magical eating experience at the same time. 
Recreating xiao long bao at home might require a lot of practice as preparing the dough for the wrapper alone is already quite tedious. But with patience, YOU CAN LEARN TO CREATE THE PERFECT SOUP DUMPLINGS AT HOME.
The Vietnamese noodle soup is perfect for the chilly rainy weather. With its thick noodles, hearty broth, perfect slices of beef, and spices, pho remains a favorite soup dish all over the world. Other than being delicious, beef pho is also healthy and easy to cook in your kitchen. A RECIPE BY THE ASIAN FOOD NETWORK teaches you how to recreate Vietnam's beloved beef noodles soup.
Iced blended coffee is also one of the most popular drinks for many. But because many coffee shops remain closed and only a few offer delivery, it might not be ideal for some to line up and wait for their orders. The good news is that THESE DRINKS CAN BE EASILY REPLICATED with crushed ice, chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, spices, and a blender in your kitchen.
With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic keeping you and your family at home, take time to recreate these well-loved dishes. Enjoy and hone your culinary skills while staying safe. 

Disclaimer:  Some Photos are care of pixabay. 
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