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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Hi! My name is Jeng. I'm a nurse and have been such since 2008. I was lucky enough to be able to receive a COVID-19 vaccine because of my job status. Here's my experience and thoughts about it.

Since I work as a nurse, I am part of the first tier of people able to receive the vaccine. I was able to get a link that allowed me to set up a appointment to receive the vaccine. After inputing my information and getting the desired time and date that I wanted, I received confirmation e-mails as well as links to information and fact sheets regarding the vaccines. It was either the Pfizer or Moderna version but personally, it didn't matter to me. Aside from the signed consent form, I also brought a proof of employment or id containing my role.

I arrived at the site roughly 20 minutes before my time slot. It took me around 45 minutes to get in the building. During this time, I noticed a number of police officers outside. Also, there were staff reminding people to stay 6 ft apart. Once I got it, they checked my name against a list and checked my credentials. There were 3 stations that I would need to visit. The first one was to double check and verify your consent and current status. They would ask if you're pregnant, had any vaccine allergic reactions, or received a vaccine within the past few weeks. Unfortunately, you're not allowed to receive the COVID-19 vaccine if you answered  yes to any of those questions. Also, you can only receive the same type of brand of vaccine if it's your second dose.

The second station would be where they would inject you. Here, the staff would double check your information and also ask you a few more questions. They would also remind you that you need to stay 15-30 minutes after getting the vaccine. They would ask you to sit down and give the shot in the arm. Aside from that, they would give you a vaccine record card that has all the information including your return date for the second vaccine. This time, they administered the MODERNA vaccine. I had to return a month after. If I couldn't get the vaccine on the same date, I can do it a day or so later.

Afterwards, I was led to an observation area where there were chairs spaced out and available. This is the third and final station. Take note, there is someone that would clean and disinfect each chair after use for both the administration area and the observation area. Here, they gave you a tape with the time that you're able to leave. According to them, they would monitor you for 15-30 minutes. There were a number of EMS staff around just in case you needed some medical attention. While waiting, you could check out the fact sheets and the app or website that the CDC has on the vaccine. VSAFE is a program that would allow you to check-in and report how you are doing. If they see something that is a red flag, they would contact you and help you out.

All in all, everything was well-planned and organized. From start to finish, there were staff present. Someone would check the credentials and your name against a list, someone would guide you, there's a list of questions that are asked, professionals administer the vaccine, you're observed for a few minutes, and then you're done. Social distancing was practiced and they would clean high touch areas. Overall, it took me around 1 hour and 15 minutes. Not bad.

So of course, I wanted to treat myself. I went to a Korean Food Court and had a delicious meal. For those asking how everything went, here's a link to my Youtube video describing my experience from start to 24 hours after the administration of the Moderna vaccine. 

Disclaimer: wrote this based on my experience. please read up on the facts regarding vaccine and administration. This article is not a fact sheet. Please contact your healthcare provider if you have questions or concerns regarding Covid-19 and the vaccine.
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