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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May 18, 2013

As I said awhile back, I usually find myself in Tagaytay in the middle of the night. After those parties and dinners or really early morning movies (that finishes at 2 or 3 in the morning), I end up smack in this city. Although a bit far (almost a 2 hour drive from Quezon City), I make the effort to go here because, believe it or not, I want to be with friends and enjoy their company. All you need to do is ask and I will gladly drive for you!! Also, this place has a different vibe compared to the metro. It relaxes the soul and the heart with warm food, cool weather and an awesome view!!!!

Sunny cool day
 What does one eat when in Tagaytay? Of course, BULALO! But what about those guys that get here in the middle of the night? Where are the places which offer 24 hour service?

One of this place is Green ATS Bulalohan Restaurant.
Tender and hits the spot everytime!!!

Located along the ridge, I was first introduced to this restaurant, when I found the need to eat late at night. Most of the restaurants in Tagaytay close a bit early compared to the ones we have in the metro. Thankfully this one is 24 hours and serves great food with affordable prices.

I think I have been here around 4 times already and it didn't disappoint. The  food always hit the bull's eye. The service was fast and efficient. For a restaurant that is open 24 hours everyday, their wash area and private area were sufficient and clean but could be improved.

One of the things I liked about this place was there were a lot of security folks that guides cars on their parking lot. Also they have these cute gnome like decorations all over the place.
 I think the staff and the ownerr offer candies and some visitors put coins and make wishes.

and the one on the right was leaning for a candy lol :D

This restaurant typically serves Filipino fare. We could always see the usual sisig, tawilis (small fishes), grilled seafood, chicken, and pork. Did I also mention that they serve a mean crispy pata?

Since my friends and I were in Tagaytay last week, we visited this place to have dinner.
The staff were friendly and we were attended to immediately. We were offered to eat at a small cabana that had a no holds bar view of the lake. Like this one:

on another visit from earlier this year.. with another set of friends

Since it just rained, these small huts had a few other winged visitors. We just made due with their normal seating up top. These private places had a consumable price for them to be used. By my computation, it was worth it and the food that would be order certainly fits the bill. These small "huts" has a consumable tags of 1200-1800 Php.

Anyway here are some of the foods that we have ordered from this visit and from a couple of other visits.

Of course we had the BULALO (only shot I got because we were hungry)
 Bulalo is the main attraction of Tagaytay. If you ask anyone from Tagaytay, they would say that Bulalo is one awesome dish. The best part of it would be the bone marrow. It is the gooey white part in the middle of the bone. It so soft and yummy that it can add to the plaques in your blood vessels. Better bring your catapres for blood pressure and some medications for cholesterol.

Sisig and some Liempo
Sisig is one of those national pulutan or beer partner. It is usually different parts of a pig that is chopped up and served on a sizzling plate. Their sisig is not bad but it can't go against the ones from Pampanga or Aysee.
The Liempo is grilled pork. It is marinated just right and is yummy!

A lot right? This was from another visit. Well for this much, our bill reached around a little over a thousand. One more thing, there was only three of us that ate all of these. We had the their sizzling chicken with pineapples, some squid, onion rings, mangoes with some veggies and bagoong, and of course BULALO!!

Yes... Just us. My cousins and I.
To cap of a night visit here, one would be tempted to order their hot chocolate. I would suggest for you to go for it if you want an old school experience. It is a different kind of chocolate because it is the one usually made in Batangas, the tsokolate tablea. Their cocoa  is unsweetened and is a little watered down but has a distinct dark chocolate flavor. You could add a lot of sugar to sweeten things up. Either way, I would suggest drinking this fast as it might be cold in a few minutes because of Tagaytay's climate.

Hot Chocolate

For our latest visit here, my friends and I enjoyed the food. I think we only ate a few because we still reserved our selves for our midnight drinking and snacking back in the hotel.
Budget around 300-400 Php per person. I definitely would go back.

Green ATS Bulalohan Restaurant
24 hours Open
Coming from Tagaytay's Rotonda going to Nasugbu Batangas,
 this restaurant would be found on the left part along the ridge.
 It is located before Breakfast at Antonio's

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