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Thursday, May 23, 2013

May 23, 2013

Earlier this week, my mom, brother and I went to Bangkok for a few days to see the sights and taste the food. My mother went on with a little of window shopping but my bro and I just went for the food and the culture and room service. Of course, we had to take a flight going there right? ....

from google
It's not really a long flight. It only takes around 3 and a half hours. The long wait I believe would be the one going and staying in the airport. Since you would need to be there for around 3 hours prior an international flight. With nothing to do and just steel chairs around well.. lets just say I took a few snaps with my iphone around.

umeemote ang loko!

Going to BKK we rode an airbus. It was the type had a seat arrangement of 2-4-2.
I didn't like it because it was small. No room for a lot of movement.

Anyhow since, I haven't left the country in a few years, I was a bit excited for the food PHILIPPINE AIRLINES would serve. I mean don't get me wrong, we only had economy class tickets but still one of the things I like about PAL is that they serve inflight meals.

Going there on flight PR 730, we were served lunch.

chicken surprise...

Veggies crunchy. Chicken I don't know.

This ube with macapuno is just genius!!
The salad was blah and the bread was a bit dry. The ube was love. The chicken, well it was chicken.

Going back to Manila on flight PR 731, we also got lunch. Wait let me just say that we rode a 747. This airplane, I liked. It had a first class section different from a business class and did I mention I was lucky enough to get a whole lot of leg room.

yeah no seats infront me!!!!

See that yellow stuff.. I think its curry.
 The salad was mayo base. The dessert from Bizu was sort of like food for the gods. The bread was tough.

The food was okay... as they have a bit more flavor in them compared to other airline food I have tasted. I read somewhere that our sense of taste decreases when we fly because of the atmosphere or whatever so they add a bit more seasoning than usual. But of course compared to restaurants on the ground, these lunch meals are not at par. At least they can pass for a good meal that would fill our tummy.

Wait for more of my post about our trip...According to PLDT the DSL is down. so I am just using my hotspot from my phone. ARGH!!!!! so freaking slow. Hopefully it gets fixed soon so I could upload my picture loaded posts!!!!!!!!

Enjoy :D :D :D

 walang hiya hiya.. seize the day... !!Ayan na dare kasi!! Done in the 1st floor lobby of our hotel in broad daylight!

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  1. i think we were in bkk the same time...i also got the exact same dishes from.pal... was there may 17 to 22..


    1. How did you find Bkk? Hope you enjoyed the place as much as I did ^_^

  2. that was my 4th time already...i love the shopping husband loves the food... i love bkks streetfood.... too bad though that a lot of the clothes i bought dont fit me...really dont understand why they implement a no fitting rule..

    planning to go back when it isnt too hot


    1. Exactly! The stuff there are really affordable po!!The only problem is that they won't let you try it!! My mom made a killing on shopping LOL i on the other hand i enjoyed the food po!! !! Food is really delicious !! That is why i went with them! LOL

    2. whats with the po??? :-(

      dont make me feel so old


    3. Sorry about that. I just got used to saying it.I am just a kid kasi ... hehehehehe ^_^