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Thursday, May 16, 2013

May 16, 2013

Last week, I found myself in Greenhills to pick up my new pair of eye glasses. I was a bit bored with the food in Greenhills already as I have eaten in most of the restaurants there. I needed something new and something different. Checking out blogs and what not, I decided to pay Wilson St. a visit. I have never been to Wilson St. for food or any business. Heck, it was my first time to actually pass there.  

I really didn't know what to expect of the place but according to my mom, this area houses a lot of restaurants. It has been a start up place for people getting into the food business.

Enter Mu Noodle Bar.

When we were driving along Wilson St., we passed by the place, so we had to back tract a little. Parking is a problem here because I believe it can only accommodate 3-4 vehicles tops. The place looked like a small authentic Japanese restaurant. If you have watched Rurouni Kenshin, you would know what I mean. The difference is that this restaurant serves Chinese food and that they have wooden chairs and counters rather than soft pillows and low tables. I mean that is the vibe that I got. From this, I felt that I was in for a treat. 

Of course I didn't know what to order. Good thing the menu was only 3 pages long. Our server said that the ones with the pictures are all their best sellers.
So for just my mom and I, we ordered a lot!!!!

Dong Bo Buns (220 Php)
 We first got Dong Bo Buns. These were like make your own sandwhich. The buns were a little crispy on the outside but soft inside. The pork slices were seasoned well and a bit sweet. It had crushed sweet peanuts and mustard on the side. I would gladly go back just for this!

Red Curry Lamb (240 Php)
Okay, lamb can do no wrong when it is in my mouth. It is one of those meats that I know when eat them, they would be automatic favorites. The flavor of this dish is just wow. The curry, although not that hot, blended with the lamb. When I was scrimping for more pieces of meat, I encountered a lot of bones. I guess this is the only part of it which I didn't like.

This is one huge bowl!
The rice was a bit of a let down. I mean I was looking for something more in it. More flavor. I guess if we added a bit more seasoning I would be one happy camper.

Xo Raddish Cake
When I tasted this, I thought it was tofu! The consistency of the cake and not to mention the taste seemed like it was tofu. The seasoning was there. Although when we got to the bottom of the bowl, we realized that some of the sauces and oil were there. So to get it all I guess a little mix before digging in would do.

3 cup chicken (220 Php)
 My mother was a bit surprised with this. Initially we thought that this dish would be a bit spicier. Anyway, we were a bit disappointed because there was a lot of garlic rather than chicken meat. But the flavors was there.
Oyster Cake (180 Php)
This dish came last. My mom and I were already a bit full but still we tasted this. The cheese on top was the bomb! There was also a cracker like bottom that was holding everything. For the price this was a winner.

We also ordered some noodles to go. I only tasted the black hofan (180 Php). Since I rarely eat hofans, I was a bit hesitant with this dish. But, one bite and the flavors kicked me in the head. This single bite led me to eat the entire dish by my self (sorry bro just be happy with the leftovers!). It was that tasty!

When we finished, the place was already filled up. With a small seating capacity of around 40, I am glad that they opened another one in Glorietta 2 Mall.

Will I go back? Of course. Anyway budget around 500 Php per hungry person but around 300 Php for light eaters.

Mu Noodle Bar
 197 Wilson St, San Juan, Philippines
Coming from Greenhills, just go straight on Wilson St.
After passing P. Guevarra, the restaurant is found on the right side.

Menu as of April 2013 (according to their FB)

Yeah it is that tiny dot!

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