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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May 15, 2013

I never ever ever want to go and drive in Makati City alone. I mean, I do go out and make long road trips out of simple supposedly quick dinners. Sometimes, I find myself driving to Tagaytay at 3 in the morning, even if we were just suppose to eat in Tomas Morato.  

BUT, Makati City is another place in itself. There are one ways and two ways and other ways in it. It is just confusing for me on how to go somewhere in Makati. Plus, traffic enforcers are quite strict and have different set of rules from the MMDA. If you ask me to go with you to lets say: Subic, Tagaytay, Moa, Ortigas, Cavite and Batangas, I would gladly drive for you. I never said no to anyone unless it is Makati.

Good thing today, I was with my mother and had my ever trusty driver to take care of me. Going there was no easy task. We braved the horrible traffic of Katipunan, C-5 and of course Makati. After dropping my mother in in Makati Med for her check-up, I asked my driver to bring me to the Glorietta and Greenbelt area to better get acquainted with it. I like the fact that there were a lot of unusual and great food places in this area. As we were driving around, I saw this familiar convenience store near Shangrila Hotel and Gold's Gym.

 Hello Family Mart!!!

Family Mart originated in Japan and started in the year 1981. It is just like any 24/7 convenience store in the metro. What differentiates it from 7/11 or mini-stop would be that it serves japanese food and snacks!

a quickie shot

 Entering the place, you would be greeted with racks of yummy goodness. It has a lot of Japanese related food, which I love! Not to mention that they have a lot of imported snacks!! I know I know, they don't allow photographs of what they sell so I just got one lousy shot in the store. It would be nice to note that the prices are quite reasonable. Almost all the quick snacks and meals do not go over 100 pesos. Plus they have this small lounge like area where one could eat their meals.

I got the food and got back to the car.
Got this one for Kuya! Only 95 bucks! He was happy with it!
Sushi tray (95 Php)
 I got the Sushi tray which is a quick fix for my sushi addiction. It is good to note that the sushi they serve are all cooked (no chance of a tummy ache). This tray had spam, shrimps, tamago (egg), and kani. For the price and the quickie, I enjoyed it.

Cold Tea Soba (95 Php)
The soba was a steal. For it being less than 100 pesos, I loved it. It reminded me of the time I used to get this during my stays in different hotels. The noodles tasted and smelled like green tea and the sauce was good. The noodles weren't soggy but firm.

Sparkling Apple Iced Tea (60 Php)
For drinks, I chose something different. Thinking it was like the green apple soda from Umami, I got this. First sip of the drink sent chills to my whole body. It tasted like a different kind of tea but was apple flavored. As time went by, I guess my tongue got more acquainted with it and it gave that yummy feeling that is the same with green mangoes and bagoong. HEHEHE!!!

Good thing for us from north of the metro, Family Mart has plans to open stores nearby. YAY! No need to go to Makati. WHEW

Family Mart
24/7 Japanese Convenience Store
Parkway Dr, Makati City
It is the yellow box on the lower middle of the map

On a different and more serious note, I was completely blown away today as I got to meet one of my food blog idols.
Mr Pickiest Eater himself, Sir Richie.

In all honesty, I really didn't want to go to Makati today, but this was my chance to meet him in person.
 He was very humble and has this fun vibe around him. Although we only met for a brief moment, I could honestly say that he is down to earth and funny! Also, I took that opportunity to get a picture with him! HEHE (man crush.. I know!). Not only that, I got a cool t-shirt from him! It was awesome! This really made my day!

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  1. I knew you were feeling my butt when we took the picture!! Haha awesome meeting you buddy!

    I have no doubt your blog is gonna go big time.. Just keep at it! I'll be seeing you soon at foodie events!

    1. Hahahaha!!!!! Don't say it out loud sir... I am a little shy when it comes to that LOL!!!

      Awwww coming from you sir, that means a lot :D :D :D I am just doing this as a online journal so I could remember all the stuff I did and laugh at them when I get older! LOL!

      Thank you sir !!!!