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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May 14, 2013

A few weeks ago (fine months ago!!!), I was with a few friends doing a bit of early road tripping and movie watching. After a few hours of going around the metro, we ended up in BGC. Being big, medium and small adults with huge empty tummies, we were hungry. We wanted a chill place with huge servings for our snacking mode. Something different to fill our appetites but will not empty our pockets. When we arrived in the Fort, we looked around but couldn't decide. It was left to me to guide the flock into where we could have a snack. 

I needed to take things into account. You see, the boyfriend of Ms. C just got back from a far far away land. It was my first time to meet him personally and I am glad that Ms. C and Mr. T is a couple and is getting along really well. Anyway... since Mr. T, just came home from staying out of town for years, I wanted something different for him. He had a looooot of Filipino Food for the first few days he got here. So, I believe that he needed to get a little bit of old school snacking. He really needed to lay off from all the Filipino Food. (This is just me doing a little bit of transference). That is why, we ended up in Nolita.

I had eaten here before so  I consider this place my go to when I want pizza. It more or less exudes a hung out vibe. Nolita or North of Italy is another venture by the guys from Borough, so we could expect great food to come out of their oven.


Getting in the resto, I had the feeling that the place was a little small. The inside only has a 20-30 seating capacity. While there are a few tables outside for al fresco, the restaurant could quickly fill up during peak hours. It is a self service canteen type so one orders what is available on the counter and picks it up there too. Great thing about them, all of the huge pizzas are freshly made and are of different kinds of flavor. Plus, they have others in the menu like burgers and mac and cheese that could be ordered and prepared.

all mine!kidding!

Pizza slices are huge! They are more or less 10 inches long. You needed to fold them up to bite into them. 
The flavors were fresh and the dough was baked just right. More or less, they were spot on!

Spinach and Artichoke (220 Php) and Wild Mushroom Walnut Blue (250php)

cannoli (85 php) see those pistachios...arghh!
 For dessert, we had cannoli. The filling had a citrus hint in it. Lucky us, they were freshly made and we all love it. I mean who can ever forget about one of the most important scene in The Godfather Movie. It was "leave the gun and take the cannoli!!!".

Good Food with greater Friends

 how to get there?
7th Ave. corner 29th St. South, Bonifacio High Street Central,
 Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

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