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Thursday, May 23, 2013

May 23, 2013

My family and I stayed at a new hotel right in the center of the shopping district. I know this place is great for the shoppers. But for my bro and I, we were looking for other things to do. We wanted rest. 

Thankfully the hotel we stayed in had a great location and has catered to the needs of the guests that just want to relax and rest.

For 4 days and 3 nights, we stayed at NOVOTEL PLATINUM.

Sounds familiar? It sits on the 2nd building of the famous Platinum Mall. Would you believe that there is an escalator from the 6th floor lobby going to the 5th floor mall? It is really that convenient.

The main lobby is located on the 6th floor. They have a smaller lobby on the ground floor where you can leave your bag and check-in on the 6th floor's lobby. They bring the luggage to your own room too!!!

Their 6th floor lobby... You can use these macs for some INET surfing.

lime drinks.. on cool pointed end glasses... I played with these like they were marbles hehehe

Hello room!!!!!!

There were 3 of us so 3 beds.. The linens were awesome. Slept like a baby every night
shower on the left.. washroom on the right...


Shower area... There is a rain shower head above separated from this shower hose. Also, the glass is see through and has an automatic curtain which you could leave down or up by pressing a button... PLUS THERE ARE SPEAKERS IN THE BATHROOM FOR WATCHING TV WHILE SHOWERING!!!

Free wifi in room!!! You have your own password and username and would only need to login once during the entire stay. Also, they have an ethernet cable available if you want it wired. WIFI is usable everywhere in the hotel.

Their money.. As of writing this, the exchange rate in their banks were 1000Php = 500 Baht. Anyone know where to get better rate?

Of course what would a hotel be like if they didn't have a pool.

infinity pool on the 9th floor...spectacular view.

by the ledge

mandatory underwater selfie

They also had a gym area on the same floor.

ang pagpapanggap joke!!!

Their locker area is so cute. Aside from the showers and sauna, they have this relaxation room where one can relax and take a quick nap.

Cool individualized mirrors

All in all the hotel has a 4 star rating but based on its location and the amenities it provide, I believe that we would be staying here again if we would go back to Bangkok. The staff has a knowledge of basic English and also aims to please their guests. I just love it.

The neighborhood. Location location location.

Novotel Platinum
Phetchaburi Rd, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400, Thailand
+66 2 160 7100

I just had to post it here.... Yes boys and girls.. the room has some condoms in it... gagamitin? First time to ever see that in a hotel room as part of their mini-bar. Maybe this is the norm in BKK?

***argh freaking PLDT DSL still down...... STill using my iphone's hotspot... ARGH!!!!

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