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Sunday, June 2, 2013

May 30, 2013

We got tired of the usual food places in Tagaytay. My companion and I just settled for a quick dinner of Bulalo.

Of course there are a lot of Bulalo places in Tagaytay. One of those places where I enjoyed eating this comfort food would be LZM.

This place I believe is not where a lot of tourist would go. I think that it is a well kept secret where a lot of the locals eat. For me it is a good thing because when people from that area eat well it must be good. The small resto gives off a carinderia vibe. Do not get fooled. Their food warms the tummy and at dirt cheap prices too. Having won some awards from some competitions helps them guarantee a great meal.  
 I think they just make it a point to serve awesome food. They make sure that they serve LUTONG BAHAY.

Since we were still full, we just went for bulalo...and some lechon kawali...

Not the prettiest of combination but heck...
Too much fat... CRUNCHY FAT!!!
Bone marrow...
The meat from the bulalo was so soft that I just needed my fork to cut it up.We actually didn't finish our food. The serving was good for 3-4 persons. I was pretty satisfied because the bill well cost well below the 1000 peso mark.

LZM restaurant
One is in Silang Cavite, another in Nuvali
and this one is found right across the street from
Starbucks, Pancake House and Teriyaki Boy.

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