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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I am no chocolate connoisseur but when someone gives you some chocolate you devour them at once. Or know what happens right?
On the other hand when there are flavors more than just mere chocolate and it gives you a tad more than that sugary rush feeling, I guess we need to just let the flavors play a lot longer and eat them slowly and sparingly.

 Especially when they have a little bit of alcohol in each one of them.

Anthon Berg has been operational since 1884. It is one of those chocolate companies that served chocolates for more than 100 years. Another distinguishing factor here would be that they are "Purveyors to the Royal Danish Court". Yes they are that good.

 I am not really a TOMADOR (yes not anymore... promise.. okay fine maybe just a little.) But I was happy when I got this from one of my uncles.
 I slowly opened it up... and behold. There were 8 pieces of chocolates of 8 different flavors.
This particular pack had 64 pieces of incredible flavor-filled "chocolate bottles". I haven't tried all of them because I might go to sleep early.
All I can say is "just great" because my brother went on the offensive and attacked these without me. Nyahahaha! Ow well at least he is happy. 
I can safely say that the flavors coming from the liquid stuff didn't overpower the chocolate but rather it combined its taste and made an excellent product of sweet,yummy and tipsy chocolate snack.

INCREDIBLE.. and to copy a phrase.. finger licking good.

Of what is left, well let us just say I kept it all in a safe place...away from my brother.

Anthon Berg

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