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Monday, June 3, 2013

May 30, 2013

After driving for 2 and a half hours from Quezon City all the way to Tagaytay, I was famished!
I really needed to refuel my tummy because if I don't I might just shrink... (as if!) It made that ringing sound...
It was a sign... so I saw a sign...
This was always telling me to go here. Every time I was in Tagaytay, I would always pass by it. All I could hear from my tummy was Go go go!!!

This ribs place is actually the in-house restaurant of the Boutique Bed and Breakfast.
 The place is a bit small. Upon entering we could see a nice touch in terms of their decorations.
love the name of their rooms
black black black
 Time for the food.
different kind of ice tea.
spam and fries
This was addictive. It was a blend of salty and sweet. The sauce helped it to really give a punch. My companion and I had a difficult time in stopping ourselves not to lick the bowl. The sauce was just finger licking.
look at the bottom of the plate.
baby back ribs.
 For 700 bucks, this behemoth of a meal was served to us. It really didn't need the extra sauce as it was juice and yummy. The meat fell off the bones and were tender. Although some of the edges were burnt, overall it was amazing.
creamy baked potato.
Please don't judge :D :D :D
 The food experience was worth it. The servers were efficient seeing as there were only 2 tables being served. Sadly, it took awhile for them to bring our bill and the change to our table. Was it a slow day for them? Please share your experience with this restaurant.

 Hawaiian Bar-B-Que
Same as The Boutique Bed and Breakfast
Along the ridge, Tagaytay
Near Pamana and the Rotonda.

Their menu...

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