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Friday, July 26, 2013

My 2nd day in Singapore was meant for shopping. Who am I kidding? Of course not! It was all for eating! I started it all by meeting up with some of my college buddies. Our meeting place was Ion Orchard since it was the most accessible for all of us. 
Ion Orchard has 8 floors of luxurious shopping. All that your heart desire is here. From designer bags to epic shoes and some noteworthy restaurants. It ain't cheap I tell you. I was there for the food and it isn't that affordable for everyday consumption.

Did you know that in Singapore, you need to stay on the left side of the escalator? This is because people that rush use the right side and might bump you off.
While waiting for the three of us to be complete, J and I walked around and looked for places to eat at.
They have a Watami for other Japanese food.
A Thai place.
 They have this hawker like place also known as the Food Opera.
They have this that caters curry lovers.
And even a place for some groceries. LOL
No not really! Its a restaurant!
Of course, a store for chocolate lovers.
 Since my friends were missing rice, we ended up in Ginza Bairin. Honestly though, they have to open on time. We had to wait (which I hate) for more than 30 minutes. It started operation around past 11:30am.
 It isn't like the usual fine dining place. Here you have to go to the counter and pay up first. They then give you a number and the food is served on your table.
 I ordered the Kurobuta Katsu Curry. The meat wasn't that juicy. It was tender and soft but it lacked that kurobuta taste! It only had moderate crunchiness from the bread crumbs. The curry sauce wasn't really spicy. It didn't have the oomph it needed.
A bit dry! Anyare?
 My order came with miso soup. They had fried tofu instead of the usual boiled ones. It added a different texture.
M and J!!
Speaking frankly, Yabu is way better. I mean in terms of service and taste. Price wise, Yabu is cheaper and offers more perks like unlimited rice and soup and cabbage. I think the only advantage for Ginza is that they offer more choices. I think Yabu needs to franchise abroad! JOKE! LOL!
Thank you very much M and J for seeing me! It was so fun talking and reminiscing the past. OMG! I enjoyed the company!!! Totally!

Ginza Bairin Singapore
Found in B4 of Ion Orchard

Disclaimer: I wrote this based on my opinion. I wasn't told to nor was asked for this. 
I learned that Ginza just opened a store here in Manila (Makati City)... Let's see how they are. Hopefully, they would get to prove themselves and be a contender to saboten and yabu :D :D :D
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