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Thursday, July 25, 2013

A year ago, my mom surprised us with a visit to Cirlces in Makati Shangrila. I think it was because she was able to score buy 1 take 1 vouchers that would ultimately cost around 900 per person for lunch. 
 As we enter, the grand staircase greeted us along with their chandelier.
Of course there was a long line, so I told my parents that I would just be in Starbucks. (I am sooo bratty). I left them there! After 30 minutes of waiting, my phone rang and off I go to the buffet. 

I believe the last time I was here was a few years ago, when we celebrated my grandparents' 75th anniversary. We got a suite and slept the night away. LOL! Anyway, everything oh so seem familiar with the buffet. It was a long line that stretched about 20 meters I think. It just had the right amount of offerings. 
They had a shawarma station.
It won't be complete without a lechon!
Would you believe that VIKINGS and Buffet 101 offered more and a longer line? Sad

I started off with some pumpkin soup. 
 It wasn't that great compared to spirals. I think it was a bit watery. Didn't finish it.

 I had a meat platter purely composed of lechon. It wasn't that juicy and a little hard to chew. 
 Of course, I tried their steak. It was just all right a little dry. It wasn't really cooked to my specification.
 The salmon were fresh but the tuna wasn't really that good.
 I had the chef make a ravioli white sauce pasta. The fillings were a little dry. The sauce was saved by the capers.
 The make your own shawarma was the savior of the lunch. I liked how I mixed it with cheese and nuts! LOL! Crazy me!
 I also asked for truffled risotto. Sadly, I didn't taste nor smell the truffle. It also took them around 40 minutes to make this. Sayang lang ang effort ko magantay!
 For dessert, I had their macaroons and a crepe. The circular dessert was dry and I think a bit old. The crepe was bland and was lacking the creamy taste.
 The ice cream helped end the meal with a sweet touch.

 Honestly, for a buffet in a hotel such as Makati Shang, I was really disappointed. I think their standards weren't that great and up to par. Maybe it was because of their promo or what, but I was expecting more. There was a lot of patrons around and I guess that is a reason why their service wasn't that great either. Hopefully a year later, they would have improved.  So far for me, Spirals of Sofitel top the list but for steady sessions, Cafe Ilang-Ilang of Manila Hotel would be my pick!
What hotel buffet place do you like?

Shangri-La Makati Hotel
Ground Floor
Ayala Ave cor Makati Ave.
Makati City
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Written by Lovely

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  1. Circles, we shall meet.. SOON!!! :)

    1. Hi po! Have a go at it po! If you guys are 5 or more, maybe you could try heat as they have this 888net/ person for groups of 5 or more during lunch and dinner on specific days of the week until the end of August 2013 po!

  2. Hi Jeng! Agree with you on all counts. Circles is so meh now.

    Spiral is the best, I think. I just don't have enough space to sample all 21 ateliers! LOL/sigh