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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My mom surprised me yet again with some takeout!

Kimono Ken has been a go to place for my friends and I ever since college. I would remember that I would go here with my friend D and have an eating session! Just the two of us before we go home from college. The food is all right and not that pricey compared to other places in the metro.

Taking a closer look into the bag, one of my favorite dishes is there!

The shrimp were big and yummy! It also had the right amount of crunch in it :D
Ebi tempura (350Php)
 Chicken Cheese Roll (160Php) was crunchy cheese goodness.
My brother's favorite would have to be the chicken teriyaki (185Pho). It isn't too sweet and just right. It was moist and tender. Yumyooo!

 My mom also ordered katsudon (165Php). It was all right.
 Same with the oyakudon (175Php)
 Should have skipped the rice meals. Because the eggs were cooked while in transport. I mean of course, it became a little dry because it got overcooked.

For affordable and steady Japanese food, kimono ken would be a place to look into :D It isn't that pricey compared to other places. It would be definitely better to eat in their restaurant though :D

Kimono Ken
Tomas Morato, Quezon City
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  1. Hi mr_jeng! i love your blog! :)
    btw, can you recommend any great filipino resto around greenhills or anywhere near st. ignatius village, qc...thanks dear!

    1. Hi po!! WOW thanks a lot poooo hehehe ... Since you're near Eastwood, I can only think of Tomas Morato as the place to get great Filipino food. You could try cerchio or romulo or you could try bagoong club. I really liked cerchio. If you can go over to the UP area, the technohub has a branch of kanin club. Kanin club's dinuguan is deadly! Hoped I helped po :D

    2. aww! im so happy you replied, i'm from south kse kaya i'm not too familiar with the restos there!

      thanks dear, will definitely try one of your recommendations above, we will bring our balikbayans there this weekend! :)

    3. :D :D :D No problem :D po! There are a lot of restos in Tomas Morato area and I guess those are the best places to bring balikbayans to get some Filipino Food Loving! Another suggestion would be Mesa's. If you are up for some pandan wrapped lechon ala pecking duck style, try it (infront of Chili's in Tomas Morato). Its also a nice place to bring balikbayans too :D Please Enjoy and good luck!

  2. I love love love Kimono Ken! Chicken Teriyaki, Philadelphia roll, Cali Maki for the win! :)

    1. Actually, this was the first time I tried their chicken teriyaki.. It was wonderful po! :D :D :D

    2. The Crispy one? I think I go there twice a month.. it helps na nasa baba lang sya ng office. hahaha.

    3. Wahahahahha! Ikaw na ! Stay safe po! The weather is just WoW! ^_^

  3. I started to read you blog about 8 cuts and now I think mababasa ko na halos lahat ng blogs mo, I like the fact na most of ur blogs has price (or should I say pics of the reciept,hehe).. ginugutom tuloy ako dito sa ofis,hehe

    1. Hello Wine!!! Thank you very much!!! Hehehehe it really means a lot to me when someone reads my blog... and yes kahit ako ginugutom sa kakatingin hehehehe ^_^ I try to put in a reciept because I want to remember how much I paid for the meal so I know how much I would budget next time I go back hehehehehehe ^_^