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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Four... Four is the number of co-workers that will or had celebrated their birthdays this month. After a fun filled day of eating pizza, cake, and ice cream (thank you guys!), we went out to celebrate with a few drinks.

The only problem would be that we don't know where to go that is near our place. Thankfully, S had a grasp of the area and suggested to try out a bar in Tuscany.
Hello Main Street.
 The place we went to isn't that big. Our group of around 17 occupied the entire second floor. What was good about it was that they serve extremely cold beers (below zero) and are the cheapest in the area. At around 55-70Php, it ain't affordable but their bar has the lowest pricing. Sad to say, they also don't have beer by the bucket. LOL!

 I did like the homey and chill feeling.
Anyway, off to the bar chow. The menu didn't offer a lot of choices so we just got the bare essentials.

We started off with some fries (85Php).
 Normal and a little oily. Would have loved to put some truffle oil!

We also had some chicken (260Php).
 It was crispy and it felt great eating with just bare fingers.

We got to try the chopped pork belly (210Php).
This got to be the best dish of the night. It was hot and yummy and a great finger food alongside a beer. I think we ordered a lot of this.
The bread is burned with butter!

 I tried their crab burger (280Php) because I needed to fill my tummy before any liquor enters it.
 A crab meat patty inserted between ciabatta. Its plain and a little oily. Oily can only be good when you are drinking. It coats the lining of your tummy and helps deter quick absorption of the liquor. 
Thus, delaying the effect of it. Chem 101.
Oily inside.
 The fish and chips (220Php) were a classic.
 Another favorite of the night. The cream dory was light and a treat.

The service is great with the staff always attending to our needs and special requests. We were even allowed to order from wursty wursty (right beside it). Since the place only has a limited menu, I am glad they allowed it. I guess this is more of a drinking bar where the beer is priced just about right.
If you are looking for a place to eat, I would suggest to eat somewhere else.
 Maybe you could try LES Bagels which is right beside it or other resto in the area. 
I am just thankful that we were able to bond and enjoy a night out with everyone.

Main Street
McKinley Hill

Remember: Do not drink and drive. 

Disclaimer: We paid for our drinks and meals. the opinion stated here are mine.

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  1. Hey! Saw u again in the elev last night. But didn't say hi coz it was too quiet and pretty crowded. Hehe

    How much do they charge for the beer by bucket?

  2. Bunch of options in Tuscany and it feels like you're in a different place.

    1. Yeah, there are but it was a Friday night and this is one of the places that could accommodate us :D :D :D

  3. You did? We should stop meeting like that! Hahaha! I mean next time, say hi!!! Uhm, in MS, they don't sell by the bucket. The beers they sell are beers below zero and the price range is 55php-70php.