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Friday, September 27, 2013

The last time I visited Saboten was when I was in Singapore last year. Anyway, I was in the Serendra area with A so I tried how Saboten is doing here. 

The place was packing with only a few tables left on a Monday evening. Even the tables outside were occupied. I guess we were lucky as we were able to get one inside.

We were served complimentary hot tea before we ordered.

For my drink, I got the fresh melon and yakult (115Php). I actually was at a lost at ordering. The staff assured me that this is one of their best seller, so I went with it. Honestly, I didn't like drinks mixed with Yakult. I liked Yakult on its own but added with something else would definitely make me think twice.
After a sip, it made me a convert. It was refreshing and light. I liked how the two flavors blended to give something sweet and fruity. Definitely a must try.
For starters, we tried out the pork loin karaage (275Php).
It was crunchy and juicy. A nice way to start a meal.

Since I wanted to try something different, I got their  grated radish loin set (395Php).
What's the grapefruit for? Well you squeeze it on the meat to add a little citrus flavor.
You then add the sauce.
 Then you bite! LOL!
 It was crunchy outside and the meat was soft and tender. What I didn't like about it was the huge fat on the side. Maybe next time, I will just pick a chicken set.  Also, since you put sauce on top, the outer layer tends to be soggy after a few minutes. So, it would be best to have the sauce on the side instead.

As for A, she got their curry loin set (395Php)
The curry sauce was somewhat different. In other restaurants, you would notice a piece or two of carrots or other veggies in it. Here, you could really see that they blended everything well in the sauce. It was thick and as the saying goes: "sauce palang ulam na". The spicy level was just right. A little hot but tolerable.

As with the usual set up, you get other side dishes that are refillable. From rice to veggies and the miso soup.
 Would have wanted this to be evenly sliced and thinner.
 Some pickled veggies. Definitely not for me.
 They also had some sauces for the cabbage.
 Some mustard for the deep fried goodness.

 The addition of Saboten to the local scene has given the foodies choices to pick from. It is a welcome addition to the likes of Yabu and Ginza Bairin. The quality and pricing is competitive. The service is there and is fast. What I liked about them is that their menu offers a choice of sharing between friends rather than just having sets. Would definitely return with my family. Budget around 500Php per person.


Disclaimer: We paid for our meal and the opinion are mine.

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  1. Replies
    1. Hi Michy! How was your trip? Saboten is a must try.

  2. was there last wednesday lunch and i loved everything i ordered including the cabbage and sesame dressing... to think i dont even like vegetables.... i also like how the servers are fast and amiable...will defintely go back

    1. Hi Sunshine!!! How are you? It is great to hear that you enjoyed your lunch there!!! I guess if you are tired of yabu, this is a great alternative. The service was definitely awesome and fast!