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Sunday, October 6, 2013

I love breakfast! Even if I live up north in the Metro, I would travel all the way to BGC or to Tagaytay just for some great breakfast food. I was thankful that there is one closer to home that just opened less than a month ago. 

 From the people behind Pino, Pipino, and Burger Project, comes
The place isn't really that big and could cater to around 30 at most.  It is sort of a bakery too as they offer some pies and even freshly baked breads.


Here are the stuff that we ordered:

 The caramelized spam (245Php) was the best dish I got from them. Although the yolk wasn't as runny as I wanted it be, it was still wet. Adding kimchi was brilliant. Who would have thought kimchi and spam would go great together. Don't worry the serving is big and some of the spam cubes could be shared.
The huevos rancheros (275Php) is like eating everything you would want from a mexican kind of breakfast. Its like putting everything in a skillet and making it work. From bacon to egg to cheese and some sausages. My brother devoured this.
Dad had the steak and eggs (595Php). The steak was tender and easily eaten. No need to chew through it. Its made from kitayama wagyu so he liked it very much.
We all tried the PI platter (625Php). Everything you would want for breakfast is here. The sausages aren't the usual ones you would get anywhere. The corned beef was also delicious and the fries was abundant and awesome. The pancakes were okay and better than the ones from IHOP! LOL!
The egg benny (275Php) is basically bacon and eggs on a pair of "mcdo muffin" like bread. During our first visit, it was a sure fire hit. Everything was done right. Sadly, second time was not a charm. The bread was hard and the eggs became hard boiled and no longer runny inside. The bacon was still bacon but a bit tired. 
I remembered when I had muesli (165Php) and it was perfect. I didn't know what happened with this one because it was actually too hard and dry. 
The yogurt and the honey didn't really help in making it more edible. I wish they served their flavored milk so I could have mixed it all up. After 2 spoon fulls, I gave up. For now, skip this if you are looking for something more "wet".
 We also tried their french toast (185Php). It wasn't that good nor was it bad. I guess it was lacking in flavor. Yes there was ice cream and nuts and cheese but the inside was too dry. Skip!
We also had their wagyu tapa (225 Php). It was normal and like that. Loved Recovery Food's version more. The kimchi rice wasn't that flavorful. Wildflour's is definitely on top.
 I was disappointed with their corned beef (225Php). More than 1/3 of the meat was fat cubes.
 Although I loved the flavor of the meat, having too much fat around didn't help.
 Lastly, we had a side order of fries. For 65Php, the price is inversely proportional with the quantity. In terms of flavor, I loved it. Maybe next time they could add a little bit more? Not worth paying that much for something I could stuff in my mouth one time! LOL!

Twice on two consecutive Saturday mornings, I have been to this breakfast place in Quezon City.
I am having mixed feelings about the different times I was there. 

The first time I went, was way better and more enjoyable. I was generally happy with the orders we got. The second time was a little underwhelming. This was my experience. Of course, it is up to you to decide and I guess it wouldn't hurt to try the place out. Anyway, here are my tips:

Go on a non-peak hour. For both times, we arrived before the store opened. On both times, within 10 minutes, the place was already full. The place isn't that big so get in there and get a table stat!  

Be prepared with your choices and order fast. If you take your time in choosing what to get, it takes a longer time for the food to get out of the kitchen because of the queue. Be sure that what you get is available. Case in point, a group of customers got their orders changed because there were problems with the ingredients. As such, they got theirs a little bit later than the other customers. Also, some of the breads and other novelties like the cereal flavored milk aren't available early in the morning. SAD!

The servers are quite helpful but from what I saw, there would usually just be 3 of them. 1 mans the counters and the other two would either go back and forth from the kitchen or take the orders. Would suggest you seat near the counter so you could easily ask for anything you need and it is within reach. The acoustic isn't also that great so you got to speak a little louder because the place tends to be loud.

Would I go back? Maybe after a month or so. I loved the spam. I guess that is their greatest weapon. You could budget around 300-400Php per person. A usual meal would range around 275-300 Php.

π Breakfast place
Opens at 7am
Besides Pino and Pipino
Maginhawa Area (Teacher's Village)
Quezon City
Parking is a hassle during Peak Hours



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  1. Wow ang dami nyong order! :) My kind of foodie family hahaha! :-*

    1. nyahahaha gutom po kasi mama bear! hahahaha!!!! :D :D :D Napasobra po sa order :D

  2. I'll give this a few more months before I visit. hehehe. May Kanto Freestyle pa tayo!!! :p

    1. Hi Michy!!! Oo nga po eh!!! Kailan tayoooo pupunta? Weekend?! Hahahaha!!! Actually, one of the stalls in our office is managed by Kanto... I haven't tried it though because I want to try the real thing!! LOL