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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I was tricked!! I tell you!! I thought that one of my office mates was leaving the country STAT! There was even emotional messages been sent back and forth....
 So, I got duped into going with them to this "pool" early in the morning!  Grabe like uhm..7am!!
Yeah I know it ain't summer..!!!
Swimming time !! It is.. and wait for a water spa!!
I have been hearing of Ace Water Spa for a long time. I never pushed myself to go here but heck, I went on over with my mates thinking that one of them was leaving already (like in a week).
So after going round and round... We found the building. It is actually situated near kapitolyo and is the only big building in sight.
We went on over to their parking in the 5th floor.Got to cough up 45 bucks for a whole day parking.

From there we had to go to the 1st floor and pay the piper.
Their lobby was actually not too big nor was it small. They had different reception areas for their hotel and water spa guests. Plus you could go on over to where they serve buffet or to their cafe. The staff was pleasant and nice. They allowed us to browse around while waiting for our other friends.
 Since, we got tired of waiting, we paid (550Php) already. We were assisted and given these receipt with bar codes.
They were used to swipe us in. High tech ang dating!
 Then, we were escorted to the second floor where the locker areas where.
Here, we could see the pool and how clean the water was.
 We entered the locker and saw the warning signs.
 Sadly, there were rules....>>> Yeah no nothing.. plus I can't shoot pics too :(
Take note... you can't use board shorts or t-shirts... So I would suggest that you use a rash guard instead.
After reading them, were assisted by the attendant. 
He asked us to surrender our shoes or slippers. The path all the way to the pool had these blue stuff on the floor. They ensured that no one would slide on over and be in an accident.
Great thinking!!!
Also,we were provided lockers. My huge bag fit in perfectly!
They provided liquid shampoo,soap, buds, gel, and even plastic bag for wet clothes. Everything
was complete.

 After taking a quick shower, we all went down to the 1st floor. All the pools were heated and were comfortable. They had a huge lap pool and also a small lazy river. To release our stress, we went over to the part where pressurized water were realized on different parts of the body. It was pure genius! Tanggal ang stress!

They even had 4 different herbal jacuzzi with different temperature ranging from 36 to 40 degree celsius and a cold bath. You have to stay around 3-5 minutes in one then go get yourself soaked in the cold water.  Then proceed to the next herbal pool.

You could also try going to the sauna or the steam bath. If you get thirsty, no worries because they have purified water available that comes with the entrance price.
 Everything was clean and well maintained. There are always at least 2 lifeguards on duty at any given time. Everyone was courteous.

Even though they only limited our time to 4 hours, I could say that you could be done in 3. You could even take a short nap in their "veranda" over looking the pool area.

I believe that the 550Php we paid was worth it. Definitely, we went out all happy and really cool.
Will I go back? Of course! Worth it! The fact that I only needed to bring my own towel and my trunks and a set of clean clothes tells a lot that they prepared everything for us. SULIT!

Here is a picture of us!
 Remember why I went with them? It was because C was leaving already.(girl to the left of me).
Yun pala.. matatagalan pa ng konti. Nagkaroon ng 30 days delay.WHEW!! More time for us to bond and goof around. (addendum: I later learned that Juicy would also be flying out... anyway both of them are resigned and is chilling their last days here in Manila... LOL God Bless guys and enjoy)
Juicy = the 1st guy on the right.. while C is the one beside him.. God Bless and Ingats until we meet again.
sundays to thurdays - 6AM to 10PM
fridays to saturdays - 6AM to 11PM
Entrance Fees: (Valid for 4 hours)
Adults - Php 550.00
Kids (4ft. and below) - Php 250.00
from their website
Ace Water Spa Quezon City:
399 Del Monte Avenue (near cor. Banaue St.) SFDM, Quezon City
Trunkline: (6 32) 367-8040 to 41 / 367-8061 to 62
Ace Water Spa Pasig City:
United St., cor. Brixton St. near Pioneer, Pasig City
Trunkline: (6 32) 451-1111 / 582-5754
Customer Hotline:  (6 32) 330-7776 / 404-9995
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  1. I won vouchers for this though I haven't used them yet.. hahaha.

    1. hahahahahaha!!! You already!!! Try them out!!! masaya siya and chill plus tanggal stress !!!