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Sunday, October 27, 2013

After the Rexona Run, one of my friends suggested we go to Marina. They offer a breakfast buffet for only 169Php. It included drinks and had a decent spread. So what the heck we tried it out.
When we got there past 7:20am, the place wasn't ready. The tables were all messed up and there were trash all over the place. Even if it was supposedly open at 7am, they were definitely not game. A few tables were already occupied so we still went and tried them out. After a few more minutes of waiting, they finally got their act together and prepared everything.

The price included juice and coffee. The juices were generic.

We noticed that the
the spread wasn't a lot compared to Something Fishy (click).
 Passable bite sized pancakes.
 I don't know why they offer lettuce when they only got mayo for dressing. Weird.
So here are our plates:
R said "masmagaling pa ata ako magluto sa kanila ah... " (that is saying a lot)
A said "di masarap"

I got to agree with them. The food was under par. It wasn't even mediocre. 
The hotdog is not hotdog. The pancit was bland. They even served sardines straight from the can. The spring rolls were full of extenders. The juice was too sweet but didn't taste like the fruits they represent. Anyare?
So after a plate each, we left and didn't even get additional plates. I must insist that they pull their act together. As a friendly advice to them, I suggest they invest in improving their culinary skills and allow their servers to be retrained so that they can better serve the customers.I hope they improve.


Marina Breakfast Buffet
Ground Floor Sm Moa
Near Gerry's Grill
Fronting the Bay.
Pasay City.
Opens at 7am
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Written by Lovely

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  1. the food looks bleh... i would have left after seeing their buffet spread.. mas sulit pa breakfast sa mcdo

    1. HIIIIIIII!!!! How are you? ... Yeah it was... definitely... too bad it was our meeting place so , we ended up eating there... well I guess .. I just need to charge it to experience

  2. i beg to disagree, with 169 pesos where in the mall can you eat as much as you like with lots of food choose from with free drinks? with 169 pesos what can you buy in mcdo? high calorie hotcakes? frozen sausages? dry muffins? frozen fried frenchies?

    healthier and more substantial naman yung breakfast buffet sa Marina. From salad (mahal kaya ang lettuce) to omellet to hotdogs to even hotcakse (perfect small size kasi mataas yan sa calories), dried fish (mahal kaya ang tuyo 50pesos sa grocery store) and a lot more!

  3. Hi Christine, as much as I welcome your opinion..... I got to say mine... do you really believe with what you just wrote down? Or were you going for the sarcastic route? I can't decide,,,, Yes lettuce are healthier... but why serve it with plain mayo ? (and please don't get me started on the quality of the veggies... why if you had saw them that day... you wouldn't dare touch them) .... hotdogs? Pancakes? more substantial? I can't disagree with you more. When I wrote "passable bite sized pancakes..." the term passable was referring to the quality of the dish and not the size....Generally, the quality of the food they serve to us that day was DEFINITELY under par and not even on the bare minimum one would expect from an ordinary breakfast buffet. Yes Mcdo/ Jolibee or any fastfood breakfast joint would have "unhealthy" offerings... but heck... what they served to us well it could be more unhealthier... and still the fastfood joints would have tasted better.. at least we would have been happy about it and used our money well .... I guess when it comes to food, I can't compromise on quality and I got to say what I (take note = I) experienced........ I honestly hope Marina improve not only on the quality of their dishes but also on the way they serve their customers.... seeing from your reaction... I would guess that you enjoyed the place.... Good for you dear... I just hope you get to try other restaurants as to where you could compare and experience better service and better dishes than as to what my friends and I experienced that day In this restaurant...