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Monday, November 25, 2013

Borough, borough borough... what would I do without you ! ... If you need a place to go to at an awkward time, this is the resto to go to.

It was great to know that this is one of the few places that I love going back to.
Its open 24/7 so no problem on that. Plus if you get there in the middle of the night, you could park directly outside it and there is no parking fee whatsoever.

Dim lights and steady sounds greeted us when we entered the place at around 6 in the morning. We were tired from the night before and wanted to relax and eat just before going home.

Of course, we needed some drinks to help us relax. 
a mojito (150Php) and absolute raspberry ambitious (160Php) for my friends...

 I, on the other hand, was still driving so a corona or 2 would do (130Php each). 
Don't forget to get some lemons in it! Definitely a yummy beer.

We needed some appetizers to start everything off.
some chips and dips (Php 110)... yeah.. bawas na yan :D

After awhile, mac n cheese was present! (320Php)
Totally makes everyone's day yummier!!

I just got a grilled cheese with some t soup (280Php).
I love dipping a big slice of the bread into the soup.
Riker's Island Breakfast.. (Php 230)...
If you like beans, eggs and cheese, this is the dish for you!

Now on to my favorite part of a meal... dessert...

A friend of mine got their cheesecake (210Php).

Of course, never ever ever miss a chance to get their milk and cookies... (220Php)
I so love the cookies!!! Please don't ever ever not order this when you go here.
They are warm and chewy and really good..... and the milk is where you dunk it...

I love everything, especially the company.  Btw, I have news that they are going to open a branch in UP TOWN CENTER... so near!!!! Geeeeez!! Lagot nanaman wallet ko! LOL! :D :D :D ...

Ground Floor Podium
Open 24/7 except for Early Monday Morning. (12mn onwards)

Btw, just in case you don't know about this... why not try it out...

A few friends of mine are coming with me to try this out. Hope to see you there...
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  1. I still haven't been to Borough 'cause my wallet's scared. hahaha.

    1. Nyhahahaha michy naman ehh !!!! Kahit isang beses lang ... Just to try it out dibaaaaaa? Hehehe