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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I never did like Vietnamese Food. I mean, not that I don't really like it. It is just that it doesn't strike me as something I would go and crave for. Unlike burgers, steaks and sushis, for me Vietnamese Cuisine isn't what my taste buds look for.
Don't tell my mom about this pic or she will kill me
Since I had nothing to do on a lazy day, I dragged mom to have a quick lunch in Ba Nois. I was actually intrigued with this restaurant because one of my co workers was raving about their spring rolls. 
 Let's see what happens.

When we entered the place, we were greeted by kind staff and great customer service. We were ushered to a booth and was helped in choosing what to eat. 
 The place is brightly lit with pictures of everything Vietnam.

 Anyway, we first ordered some drinks.

 I tried their sugar cane with orange. (120Php).
 It tasted sweet in a different kind of citrussy way.

Mom had some watermelon shake (110Php)
For starters, we had some fresh rolls. (Goi Cuon 195Php)
 It had rice noodles and a slice of "healthy" meat inside.
 I love the sauce because it was peanut based. Something like peanut butter but light and not too sweet.
 Next up, we got the salad. (Goi Buoi Tom Thit - 195Php)
 This pomelo salad didn't have the sweet texture because the fruit they used wasn't riped yet. I liked the sauce used and that we could place them on top of the crackers and let it pop in our mouths. 

We also had the Cha Gio (195Php).
This was their spring rolls. It was filled with meat and the nuoc mam dipping sauce was a nice touch to the rolls. 

On to the noodles. I tried their Pho Bo (260Php)
It was a hot soup dish that is beef based. I find it a little bland for my taste. Yes...I admit it.. I go for the oily unhealthy type of food. LOL! 

My mom had the Pho Ga (230Php)
She loved it. It was her kind of thing. Hot chicken soup.. Just what the doctor orders. It was bland and my mom wants that kind of thing. She isn't that much into too much flavor filled dishes. She just added some of the add ons to make it complete.
 They came with these add-ons if you will.
 We also got their Ga Nuong (250Php). It was grilled chicken.
 This would be perfect with rice. Juicy and grilled. The sauce was spicy and packs a punch. I loved it!

I got the Bo Luc Lac(350Php) too.
 This stir fried beef is really soft and just like anyone would like their steak to be. 
It came with this dipping sauce. First time for me to have something like this. LOL
 The suon Nuong Xa (275Php) was underwhelming for me
 This was supposedly pork riblets that were pan fried. It was a little over done for me. Suggest you skip this.

For dessert, we tried 2 of their specialties.

We had the Che Khoai Cau (135Php).
 It was like bilog-bilog. It was sweet, sticky and taro based. Coconut was mixed in.
What made my day would be the  Banh Da Lon (135Php)
This warm pandan cake was filled with mung bean. It was drizzled with coconut cream. It wasn't too sweet and had the right amount of stickyness in it.

I found the meal very healthy and bland for my taste. I guess it was the sauces that makes the flavor works. I am not that familiar with this kind of cuisine so I can't really judge them. I did enjoy the service as the wait staff was very informative and thought us how to eat the different dishes.

I would suggest you go give them a try. BUT if you are a huge carnivorous and flavor hungry person, go get a pizza or a burger nearby. Yes they maybe unhealthy but they sure makes my tastes buds happy... LOL!

Ba Nois
Up Town Center
Katipunan, Quezon City

Disclaimer: I paid for the meal and was not asked to write nor post about it. I wrote this based on my opinion and experience.

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  1. I haven't been to a Vietnamese resto. Must try this! Super healthy! ;)

  2. it was super healthy michy.... my mom enjoyed... but for me it was so so lang hehehehe MUST eat oily food. LOL joke