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Monday, November 11, 2013

 OMG! OMG OMG!!!!! I didn't know what to get Michy of I am dekaphobic and Mama Bear of Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice! You see, we were going to meet up for another day of fun filled food eating adventure (more on this on my next posts) and I didn't know what to get them!!!
 Great thing, this came into mind!!!
Ever since we had home parties, my go to person for dessert would have to be Tita Tina!! She has a great taste and a knack for creating wonderful sugar filled desserts.
My mom would usually ask tita for some dessert and we would have a great time enjoying them with a cup of coffee or tea.

In this instance, I got Tita's cupcakes (although she also got amazing cakes in her arsenal). 
Truthfully speaking, I don't like cupcakes because most of the ones I get in the market are dry and aren't that well taken cared off. I mean they just leave it aside and it gets real dry fast! Promise! But for Taza Platito, this is definitely an exemption. 

I love her cupcakes. They are uber duper super and really moist! Honestly, PROMISE! Believe me.. they are super moist! I can't stress it enough. Of course I had to try it too right???
 See?? Ayaw mo pa maniwala sa ganyan??? MOIST nga eh MOIST!!! (to think I ate it a day after I got them!!!)
I got a box each for Michy and Mama Bear. Both have 6 yema topped cupcakes and 6 super duper choco cupcakes. 

 Tita won't tell us the secret as to how she makes them but believe me if you are looking for something to give away this Christmas Season, why not check them out and give them a call. Would Suggest you do it early because she gets swamped with orders from corporate giveaways to parties.

Taza Platito
12-A Scout Tobias corner Fr. Martinez, 
Quezon City
(02) 373 2732
Call for orders.

Disclaimer: Tita Tina is a family friend. I got the cupcakes on a discount but we paid for them. This post is based on my opinion and I wasn't compensated to do this. I think she doesn't even know that I am going to make a post about her delightful desserts!!LOL!
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  1. These cupcakes were indeed moist! Love them! Thank you so much for these, Jeng! :)

    1. No problemo dear!!!! ^_^ Glad you enjoy them!!!! >.< so kailan ang next lakad natin?? hahahaha^_^ foood!!!!

    2. Just text me. hahaha. :) Samahan kita. >.<

    3. hala..... oo nga pala... Omg ong ong you are on a Diet na nga pala ... waaaaaaa :(

  2. Yes. Super moist & yummy, definitely. Thank you so much baby bear!! :-* My post will be up next week. Tapusin ko muna Jana's bday series haha.

    1. Hahahahaha!!! thank you din po Mama Bear!!! hahahaha