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Friday, November 29, 2013

When you got a lot of relatives back home, it wouldn't hurt to have HD-PPV of the Manny Pacquiao-Rios Fight on . 
What is better that this? It would be when you're mom is a Kampangpangan and knows how to cook. Best part multiply it by 2 since Tita is in town. LOL
Now you know why I am this big.. Yes.. I shall invoke it. My mom over feeds me! It is all her fault. LOL!

And so does my family! LOL!

Here is what we got. Guess the fishes!!!
 Another one...
 Fresh shrimps jumping just before hitting the stove..
 A few veggies with Buro!!! (I soooo love buro...)
 Okay, what is a party without some heavy duty fried stuff.. Enough of the healthy living.. LOL!
The pulutan!!!

We got a lot of Sisig (like a bilao or 2) from Aysee. (Thanks Tita Daisy)
pic from
In case you don't know, Aysee has been open since 1986. From their original branch in Pasig, they have expand to a lot of places. 

Of course, we got some things from Ana Lisa (click here). A few crispy pata and also a few head... and some chicharon bulaklak...
It was either the head or the knuckle. OMG!! SKIN Galore!.. Drool baby Drool!

 Anyway.. Congrats to Manny.. and for making this good looking guy...
 into another defeated foe. 
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