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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

"Dinuguan... something that is crispy and deadly... Yeah.. go for it... I want to try it out!"
 Twas the conversation, I had with my relatives when we couldn't decide which Filipino restaurant we want to eat at.   It has been a long long time since I ate at this particular restaurant. Since my relatives from out of town, are here for a short visit, I told myself what better time it is to try and check this out one more time. 
(a lot of time why don't you LOL)
 Kanin club has been one of the original restaurant still standing in UP Technohub. It has withstand the onslaught of changing times and also of mezza norte (when it was still there).

Kanin club..
Parking was a hassle. So when we got a seat, we ordered asap! As we were all hungry.. our heads started to go blank. 
For drinks, we had a lot to choose from their long list of the usual Filipino Favs.. 
 My mom tried their sago at gulaman (95Php)
 Sweet and ow soooo refreshing.

 Tita had their green mango... (133Php).
 It was really OMG!!! Just needs bagoong and you are good to go!

 I, on the other hand, just got an ice tea (99Php-refillable)

Tita sort of becomes a vegetarian at night so she started things off with Ampalaya Salad (156Php)
 Nope nope nope.. I stayed away from it! I am sorry but it was placed on the far end of the table for a reason! LOL!

Thankfully, there was ensaladang mangga (180Php). 
At least this had bagoong on it. So it was pretty much okay to eat... Sour stuff!! I like!

 Since, it was more of a veggie night out.. we also had lumpia (102Php)
 It was huge! For the price it was worth it. The sauce was sweet and really helped the flavor.

Vegetable delight was well veggies. (274Php) 
It was a bit too sweet for me or anyone in the table to enjoy. It was sort of veggie dessert.. Think veggies in sweet soup.

 For the rest of us normal eating folks, we had some other stuff...

Of course, one can't go wrong with their sinigang rice (235Php).
Tastes like sinigang..duh. The tempura veggies aren't that crispy anymore so just skip them. Just get the rice!
 We also tried their seafood kare-kare (313Php).
It was one huge platter of seafood that was topped with karekare sauce. I missed the old school one with oxtail and what not.

 The binukadkad the pla pla or tilapia or fish (258PHP).
 I was tuning this one out because.. well it was fish. LOL! Kidding aside, the meat was fresh and the outer layer was crunchy.

 The main reasons why I liked Kanin club would be there cripsy dinuguan (274Php).
 This dish was definitely the winner. Crunchy stuff with dinuguan as sauce. Think chicharon or crispy pork fat with blood as sauce. YUMMY!!!! I believe others have tried to copy this dish but failed! The original is better than other thing else..

TURON KC is the bomb. ENOUGH said ! (94PHP)
Think halo halo in your mouth. It was sweet but not overly so. LOL!
I love how it was inventive and yummy!
What a nice way to end a meal. 
 Service was all right. I guess you could budget around 300-400 per person. Definitely a nice place to spend a warm and comfort feel dinner with the family.

 Kanin Club
Up Technohub
Near Q.C Circle.
Quezon City.

Disclaimer: I paid for the food and I wrote this post based on my opinions.

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  1. I want to try the Crispy Dinuguan! :)

    1. Seryoso michy?! Nakooooo we must!!!!!! Definitely!!!

  2. As always. Ginutom ako sa post mo baby bear!!! CRISPY DINUGUAAAAAAN!!! @_@ I DIE!!!

    1. Nakoooo !!!! Theres a kanin club in alabang right? Hehehe ate there a year back hehehe soooooo yummmmmmmy