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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"Uiiiii si Eric..... "

and the teasing.... 

and the drooling....


and that started my (secret) love ... with him...
 Eric Kayser has been one of the most awaited bakery shop to land in Manila. This and Paul (click) makes the baking scene in Manila ... awesome!

Located in Powerplant, the first shop of EK opened here with another one in Greenhills with a target date of March or April.

Simple and direct to the point. Get in and get out... its as if you're shy with the first meet up...

Among all the stuff that they serve.. their best sellers would be the croissant... the chocolate croissant to be exact..
and of course, I got a lot.. from almond to plain... too. Remind me to keep it away from my dad because he ate it all.. waaaaa :( :( :(  Heart Broken!!!!!
But no matter.... Look at how nice it looks.... like admiring it from a far...
and one can't live on bread alone.. so you need Cookies!!!
not just one but a lot!!!

Milk, White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate flavored cookies.
see how it crumbles...

Damn you EK.. my mouth would do anything for you.. (I mean your cookies...)
Look at the quality and the quantity.. chocolatessss yum yum!!

Cookies and croissants and what not cost around 80 and above..  Quite affordable if you ask me. 
Now if they could get more good stuff in...

and .. that is how my secret love affair started with him....
just don't tell him.. he might run away from me.. LOL!!!

Eric Kayser
Rustan's Supermarket
Basement Level 
Rockwell, Powerplant Mall
Makati City.

Disclaimer: paid for our meals and wrote this based on my opinion.
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  1. It felt a little awkward reading this but I hope I'd get to try this soon. :)

    1. nyhahahahaha exactly what I was going for.... It felt really wierd that I liked bread as simple as this hahahahahahaha but its awesome after a few minutes in a toaster.... damn... drool ... ^_^

  2. Replies
    1. i will be honest Pink..... they taste yummier than the way they look.... somehow... they perfected it..... damn sarap