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Friday, January 24, 2014

A slice of pizza a day... makes my tummy happy.. so a merienda a day... makes my tummy smile everyday.

Franco's is the resto coming from Myrons.
Simple not too fancy and speaks chill...
Maximized spacing and what not.. colorful sturdy chairs..
Since it was cold, we had a pot of tea...
Strawberry mango flavored... A little more strawberry than mango tasting if you asked me.
Tried out their Angus Beef Sisig (150Php).
 Pretty small serving. Had a little bit of mayo and had some crunch from the toppings...
 A pizza of Mozz, Emmental and Anchovies (220Php)
Thin pizza base. Fresh toppings. Light. Anchovies were pretty spread out and wasn't visible to the naked eye. Definitely not overly salty as one would think but tasted evenly. Liked this one!!!

Mushroom Risotto (240Php)
Creamy, shroomy but lacking the usual truffle taste. If there was any truffle in this, it would definitely miniscule in amount and can't be tasted
 Mom had the Bolognese (195Php)
Creamy red sauce. Beef cuts were from steak quality meat. Nicely cooked but overly creamy.
Great for kids but mom would have wanted it differently.

All right place to chill and have a merienda in. Didn't get to check out dessert because it wasn't that appetizing for us. In any case budget around 300 per person. Pretty affordable since you are in Rockwell. Kids would love to eat here as I heard the owners wanted this restaurant as something for their own kid.

Rather than the usual pianist in the middle, I saw a band. They were playing lovely jazz tunes. At one point, they had the background music from the Godfather... Damn.. Franco Franco.. why? why! LOL! Of course I mean Fredo! LOL!

Hear it here:

Basement Level
Rockwell PowerPlant Mall
Makati City.

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    1. yup michy... compared naman to the other resto in the vicinity okay na yung presyo hehehehehe