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Monday, January 6, 2014

 My dad and mom wanted some fish so of we go to this restaurant.
 I don't know if it is just me but I used to like Fish and Co. a lot. Their take on how fish and chips is a lovely treat.
We were able to get a table during lunchtime. The place was busy with only 4 tables unoccupied.

I got their raspberry sunrise (165php) just to have something cold. 
I wanted something hot to warm my tummy... (cold then hot? I am sooo weird...)

Their clam chowder (165Php).
The only thing that came hot.
Maybe it was that there was a lot of people eating at their resto or its just that kind of day but almost everything was off  after the soup ... :(

Their ceasar salad (295Php).
I am definitely saying this.. but the dressing was something out of a bottle and the croutons were soggy.. it is as if it was left on the counter. X

Dad had the normal fish...with rice (280Php)..
Didn't look that appetizing so... barely touched.. 
 Of course the fish came with the dip..
and you know what happened next? we waited almost 20 minutes for the other food to arrive. OMG right? 
Even the table that came before us also didn't get their food... OMG!!! They were really complaining...
and sadly so did we... :(

There .. mom's New York fish (295php) came...
It was as if... I don't know.. road kill? Didn't enjoy it.. 

After another 10 minutes of waiting finally this arrived.
The grilled pork belly (425Php) was okay in terms of taste. It was a little hard to chew though and it wasn't worth it.

We came with  hungry tummies and left with the same... Seriously, we passed by a different resto just to get our fill. The service was awful... we had to ask different waiters to follow up on our meals.. plus the time it took was definitely unbearable.. and definitely not worth it. I hope they fix their system and upgrade their stuff because I remembered how I enjoyed their food.

Fish and Co. 
Trinoma Cinema Level
Quezon City

Disclaimer: I really didn't want to say these things but I guess I need to be frank and can't just sugar coat it. 
So definitely I wrote this post based on my own experience. I wasn't asked to do this or what not.

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  1. So sad to know about your experience. Hope they'll improve though.

    1. yeah i hope so... i mean i love their shang branch... hayyyy baka na dale lang that day... sayang

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Hi HI!!!! I know... I can't help but describe what happenned,,, maskawawa ung katabi namin.. i mean mas nauna sila nag order pero naunahan pa namin sila... :(

  3. We regularly eat at Fish and Co. in Trinoma, but so far, we never had a problem naman, although we usually eat there when the place isn't packed. I guess the servers and even the kitchen couldn't handle the orders? They should've anticipated the crowd though, December eh.. >.<

    1. Hi sumi!!!! yeah!! my parents also go there regularly... and was really surprised with the service and the food... :( ..... kaya ayun napadpad kami sa ibang resto after hehehe.. hoping they fix their system up ^_^