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Friday, February 21, 2014

They forgot to put in SNACK!!!! but these are my favorite times of the day...

After a relaxing massage in Beijing Foot Spa (click), Michy (I am dekaphobic) and I went on over to UP TOWN CENTER for a little snack. Scratch that... A HUGE SNACK! ....

The sun was hurting us on our way from the parking lot to this store. It was late in the afternoon, yet it was pretty hot. Once we entered the place, I knew, we got it right. The A/C was blowing everything it got so the temperature is really relaxing. A little refuge from the heat. The place isn't that big. A few tables and chairs would only offer seats to around 50-60 Max. Thinking of the time and the number of people in the store, I figured it was all worth it and we were in for a treat since the place was almost full. 

The service was quick and efficient too. Although there were only 2-3 servers roaming the place, we were served timely and all our needs were met. Anyway on to our light heavy snack...

I will be honest. For drinks, I couldn't remember which one is which. As both looks almost exactly the same, I just remembered the taste. 

The triple dark chocolate (165Php) is for those Hershey lovers that always pick the dark chocolate. It isn't sweet and has that bitter taste that pure cocoa has. Pure love in a glass...

The other drink is the below zero chocolate (155Php). It is what any kid at heart (and at tummy) would love. It isn't too sweet and has that neutral chocolatey taste. Quite enjoyable for this upcoming summer heat!

And off we go to our snacks... the nutella....(195/245Php)
Looks like any normal bread with some sweet stuff on top.... WRONG!! It ain't normal for starters!
Aside from the nutella, it has a scoop of ice cream and some almonds... and check out the insides....
The inside is soft and smothered with butter! While it has a crunchy exterior, the inside is a surprise treat for everyone!
Next one up is the mango caramel (185/235Php)
Aside from the sweet mangoes, this had some graham crumbs and of course the ice cream...

Last up for this bread session would be the All American PB&J (195/245Php).
Old school favorite of every grade school kid. Peanut butter and strawberry jam! AMEN~!

Aside from all the sweet stuff, they also offer savory versions and even pasta and other appetizers.. something for everyone.
What I also liked about the place was that they used quirky messages for design all over the resto.
Yes... there is always room for dessert...
Simple things makes me smile too...
almost true... LOL!

Cafe Shibuya
G/F Up Town Center
Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City
Opens at 10am
Disclaimer: Paid for our meal. Wrote this based on my own opinion.

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