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Friday, May 16, 2014

I didn't study in this school but heck I have a lot of memories in it.

Ever since I was in grade school, my school bus ride would always pass by UP, going to and from my school in Katipunan. We would always see Bahay ng Alumni and at times have a snack or two in it just to let time slide. 

One of the main restaurants that would forever be an institution in UP's Bahay ng Alumni would be Chocolate Kiss. I would remember how, my friends and I would troop to the 2nd floor just to have a snack or dinner then years later, they would open a ground floor branch, perfect for breakfast and quickies. 

On a weekday morning, my friend and I went to the place. Surprisingly, there were already a bunch of people there waiting for the place to open. Not to mention, 15 minutes into our meal, the place was almost 80% full. Talk about popular and going strong.

She wanted to have juice. So, she got a freshly squeezed calamnsi juice (70Php).
The juice was really calamansi! It tasted fresh and asim (sour)!! LOL!
She also wanted to have a hot chocolate so she got the Tsokolate Eh (75Php)
When I tasted her hot chocolate drink, I couldn't help but remember the same feeling I had when I first had a tablea (old school chocolate drink serve in the province). It was EPIC! I couldn't just let her have the drink, so I ordered one for myself too.
 Yes, it was that good so I got another one for myself. Sorry mababaw lang ang kaligayahan ko :D
Mild yet totally tasted like old school chocolate.

She was in the mood for fish, so she got a Filipino Breakfast and chose Daing na Bangus. (185Php)
She was like wowed! The fish was whole and went great with the egg and the tomatoes and of course the rice.
I was indecisive so I got a Spanish Omelet (180Php).
Although the plating wasn't really that appetizing, I have to say that this omelet has the crunch and taste that definitely makes a guy wake up in the morning and eat breakfast.
Mushroom, ham, peppers, tomato, onions, black olives.

Chocolate Kiss is also known for some of its cakes. Since, it was her first time here, we got a Blueberry cheesecake (115Php).
It was just all right. Smooth and not that sweet.

With prices that are competitive and student friendly, you would be pleased with the quality of food they serve. Although for breakfast they have limited choices, one could be really happy with the stuff they give you. Believe it or not, 200 Php is already a lot per person. Yes I would definitely go back, but heck I need someone to wake me up early in the morning. LOL!

Chocolate Kiss
1st floor and 2nd floor
7am-10pm Daily
UP Bahay ng Alumni
UP Diliman, Quezon City

Along Roces St, near Tomas Morato
Quezon City.
Disclaimer: Paid for our food. Wrote this based on my experience.


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  1. I like Chocolate Kiss' cheesecakes. Good enough for the price. :)

    1. pwede kayo dito michy ni sir... uhm. you haven't actually introduced me to him yet LOL! Anyway, sobrang old school na ng chocolate kiss but I got to tell you there are a lot of diners still going there. The prices also help.. definitely student friendly!!!!

    2. We should meet soon, isasama ko para makilala mo. :)