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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My love affair with bread has started ever since I was but a tiny big boy. I love how it makes my tummy go "bumbumbum". How glad I became when I learned that one of those awesome bread places that I looked up to opened up in Greenhills Promenade.
 Last July 2, 2014, Eric Kayser officially started serving people in the north through their Greenhills Branch. No need to go to their Power Plant Branch (click here to see). Although they are still in their soft opening, you could be happy to note that they create most of their bread in house as they now have a kitchen to prepare everything you would want. 
From their famous chocolate croissants.
It definitely needs to be heated and placed in the over to regain that crunch.
 Flavor wise, you won't go wrong with it.
I love the proper choice and use of the chocolate to help the bread give that flavor.
Yep, they now offer coffee too.

Although it taste pretty normal, it goes well with your meal.

What's in the bag? Well you guessed it, I just had to have my take away...
My Epic Stash!!!
Famous cookies. You won't go wrong with them. A batch of the best cookies in town. Grabe.

and of course, some croissant and chocolate croissant.
Just to note, the plain croissant's is everything but plain. The buttery inside really gives off that kick that would lead you to slurp your fingers when you eat them.
Yep, I just so love my breads.
Since they are just in their Soft Opening Period, there are just some kinks in the service. Of course tolerable, but they have a lot to make up. Definitely a little pricey compared to other breakfast bread places, but you get what you pay for. Budget around 400 Php per person. They plan to open early in the morning but at the mean time, they start serving around 10am-10pm.

Eric Kayser
Greenhills Promenade
San Juan, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: paid for our meals. wrote this based on my experience.
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