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Friday, July 11, 2014

Crepes and more than crepes. La Creperie gives off that amazing vibe for someone who wants to relax and enjoy having a cup of tea. 
On a quiet Saturday lunch, my family and I went on over to Katipunan to have a quick and filling Brunch.
Once you enter, it seems as if you are transported to a courtyard somewhere in Europe. Old School Rock walls and some paintings here and there.
This place is not your ordinary dessert joint. They also offer savory and filling dishes. 
But, to start the meal, we tried their drinks. 

The STRAWBERRY BALSAMIC (155Php) was somewhat different. We were intrigued by how strawberry would go with balsamic
The taste was not too strong and is a welcome changed in the hot weather.

Another drink that was so tempting to get that it would be a crime not to, was the FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE (215Php). I loved Harina's version more. Cheaper and has an awesome whipped topping!
The PREMIUM WAGYU BEEF BURGER (405Php) was great in theory but it wasn't done perfectly.
It needs a little more oomphing and I would suggest that the meat should not be overcooked. We actually added cheese to it but it was still lacking. 

The TRUFFLED MUSHROOM and SAUSAGE (385Php) had a long way to go for it to be really truffled. I sensed a lack in truffleness in it. Smell a little, taste a lot.
Now, off we go to the crepes.
We started with the savory ones. 

The ITALIENNE (385Php) is the basic of the basic. Ham, Mozzarella Cheese, Pesto, Tomato and Cream.
The SAVOYARDE (395Php) was a mess. I don't know but it seemed everything but the kitchen sink.
It would have been good maybe in a sandwich but on a crepe, it wasn't properly made. Potatoes, Raclette Cheese, Picnic Bacon, Pickled onions and pickled gherkins.

The FONTINA (405Php) would usually go well with pizzas and what not but had to have some more improvements. It is Fontina cheese, prosciutto and arugula.

In contrast to the savory crepes, the dessert were better in every sense.
The OREO COOKIES and CREAM (245Php) is your basic dessert. Oreo, cream, and crushed cookie. YUMMY!
The next crepe has got to be the highlight of the meal. The STRAWBERY MANGO JUBILEE  (315Php) was what I would expect from an awesome crepe place!. The strawberries, mangoes and the Kiwi went well with one another. The Orange rum sauce didn't taste alcoholic but rather it complimented the freshness of the dish. I would go back to La Creperie just for this.
Honestly, this place reminds me of Cafe Breton but, it has a long way to go in proving itself. The dessert were wonderful but the main dishes and savory crepes needs a lot of improvements to get to that WOW level. Price wise, dessert was all right but definitely not the savory ones. I would really skip those. Budget around 500-600 Php per person. Parking may be a problem as only a few slots are available in front.

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La Creperie 
Loyola Heights, 88 Esteban Abada St.
Quezon City, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: Paid for our meals, used deal grocer, wrote this based on my experience.
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  1. It's been a while since I visited La Creperie. Must visit again soon! :)

  2. I actually haven't been to La Creperie yet. But thanks to your post, I think I'll just go for their dessert crepes when I finally visit a branch. Sayang lang, the mains and savory crepes you ordered seemed promising pa naman. >.<

    1. hey sumi ^_^ ..... uhm honestly speaking... desserts were okay .... the savory crepes were really hit and misses ..... ambiance is cool but i guess cafe bretton still has better choices... ^_^