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Sunday, March 22, 2015

TUS means Yours.

Another reason to visit down south, TUS Clay Pots and Skillets in Alabang offers wonderful dishes that makes you relax and feel at home.
Once you enter, you are treated as family. Everything you may need or want is given.
That Saturday night, along with friends, we were able to try out different dishes TUS offered.

Started off with an interesting drink. The PINEAPPLE FLOAT (390 Php/pitcher)
Interesting use of pineapple. We rarely have it as a float and TUS made it so wonderfully well that one glass is not enough.

Complimentary garlic bread were served while waiting for the other dishes.
and you know what we did with it? we had these with the SPINACH DIP (220Php)
It was the perfect dip. Creamy and the bread had that crunch to make it the best partner for the spinach dip. Never mind that it was vegetables. It made every bite yummy.

Aside from the dip, I also enjoyed the JALAPENO CROQUETTES (150Php)
Although the name suggested that it was spicy, it wasn't. It just had a tiny hint of the Jalapeno. Creamy as it was, one piece is not enough.

For snack lovers, the WET BEEF BURRITO (370 Php) is the perfect almost a snack item that they have.
 The burrito rice is covered with salsa and cheese. The question is what is inside? Of course there is rice, and beef and when you mix them all together, you get a wonderful delicious, surprise.

A folded pizza if you will. This BLT CALZONE (430Php) is one huge baby.
Almost as long as my arm, it is stuffed with lettuce, bacon, tomatoes, cheddar and has a side of aoili sauce to enjoy the mix.

But, for their specialty, I would suggest you go for their POT PIES. TUS' Pot Pies is almost similar to pizza pies. They are stuffed and a joy to eat.
The HOUSE SAUSAGE (390 Php/ top) is a made out of love. They make their own sausages in house to make you taste their hard work and enjoy it with them. The MARGHERITA (380Php/ right) is something for the healthy eaters and yet even non veggie lovers would agree that they enjoyed this dish. Basic as it can be. Fresh tomatoes, fresh basil and olive oil.

But for me, I enjoyed their CHICKEN RANCH (360Php). Pan Seared chicken tossed in buffalo sauce topped with homemade ranch dressing. This is freaking good! Believe me, I was already full and yet I could stop getting that "one more piece".

Now , I know there are healthy eaters also that aren't into meat, and this is a dish that you guys will like. The PAN SEARED SALMON FILLET (450Php)
 Served with herbed rice, it is the perfect dish

and for the big boys, they serve this big sized skillet steak
Each with their own merit, you can't go wrong with what ever you decide to get.
These babies are rib-eye cut and cooked to your preference.

CHEESE and ONIONS (630Php) ... The cheese is perfect with any type of meat.

THE SPICY LEMON PESTO (630Php) . Herby flavor due to the pesto that carries a little punch.

THE HERBED BUTTER STEAK (620Php) Topped with a mix of herbs and butter.

You can't go to the TUS without trying out their dessert.

They have their own version of TIRAMISU (220Php). The flavors were all present and it wasn't too soggy. 
The cake absorbed everything that it makes we jump for joy because of the coffee flavor.

If you must order only one dish, please have the HALF BAKED COOKIE (160Php)
You can't properly describe this dish without trying it multiple times. With every bite, you are entertained with the soft, gooey, and chewy consistency that it has. Not too sweet and not too hot, the vanilla ice cream on the side, gives the temperature contrast that it needs. It makes your taste buds feel as if you are in heaven. If only they could make that scoop bigger and that cookie larger. This is bliss.

Tus serves amazing not your ordinary comfort food down south. A visit is warranted even if there is only a need for dessert. The pineapple float, the chicken ranch pot pie, and the half baked cookie can make me go down south in a heart beat. I truly enjoyed my stay with them. Budget around 400-500 Php per person.

D1 WestGate Center, Filinvest Corp. Alabang
+632 8283178
+63 917 5680964


Disclaimer: Was invited to try out Tus, Thank you very much Tus for the wonderful dinner. I truly enjoyed it. I wrote this based on my views and opinions.
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  1. I really miss TUS! It hurts that it's too far away from me. I really want to have another piece of that half-baked cookie.

    1. OH my!!!! Drooling are we? hahahahahaha yes I miss tus too! if only alabang is nearer hehehehehe