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Monday, April 20, 2015

This coming April 24-26, 2015 , MADRID FUSION MANILA will be happening at the SMX Convention. If you aren't in the know, this is an awesome foodie festival. The Department of Tourism helped made this event happen. Incredible Chefs from Spain and Asia, all awarded with Michellin Stars, along with our very own super star chefs here in Manila are all going to give talks and demonstrations as to which hundreds would be lucky enough to have a go and taste their innovative creations.

Aside from the talks, they have a huge hall with a lot of booths and even things to discover and try out.

 SM Malls being an official partner of MADRID FUSION MANILA, went ahead and made the deal sweeter. On APRIL 24-26, SM GOURMET WEEKEND MARKET would open up in SM MARKETS.
A premium selection of cheese, tapas, wine and ingredients would be available.  Furthermore, SM Mall of Asia, SM Aura, and SM Mega Food Hall all have exciting deals during this weekend.

L-R Millie Dizon, SM Mart Inc SVP Marketing Com Group, Verna Covar-Buensuceso, DOT Director of Market Development and Madrid Fusion Manila Project Director, Chef Rob Pengson, Chef Claude Tayag, Chef Bruce Ricketts, Chef JP Anglo, Steven Tan SM Senior Vice President for Operations.

A couple of days back, SARSA in SM Mall of ASIA was the host in the media launch of the partnership of SM with DOT and MADRID FUSION MANILA.The Media was treated to gastronomical inventions by awesome rockstar chefs that would be some of the Philippine's representatives to MADRID FUSION MANILA. 

Since foodies and media were in attendance, awesome dishes were served from the kitchen of SARSA. My friends and I were all in agreement that we were in for a treat. 

We had some TOFU Inasal. Grilled with the inasal flavor. Definitely great for those vegetarians. LOL!

Crispy Chicken Skin were also served. Let me tell you that these babies are really deadly but worth the extra pounds.

One can't go to sarsa without having a try of their ISAW or chicken intestines. Crispy and cooked to perfection, these do not have that awful after taste. Really delicious.

The PRITCHON pancake was also incredible. The sauce wasn't over powering so it was a delicious treat.

After a few minutes of settling down and munching these treats, we were given a little presentation by the awesome chefs. A little sneak peak to what will happen in MADRID FUSION MANILA

First up was CHEF BRUCE RICKETS of MECHA UMA fame. 
 He made great use of the local ingredients to create an incredible shrimp based dish. He even talked about how easy it was to cook Filipino because everything is based to taste.

The Seared Prawn with Marinated Saba, Avocado and Burnt Coconut Vinegar. 
 I won't even try to describe this dish. It was down right incredible. The avocado gave it a sweet touch. Along with the saba.

Next up was Chef ROB PENGSON of The Goose Station.

He went for a dessert based dish. The MANGO TAPIOCA SURPRISE.
 Featuring Mangoes from Guimaras. Manchego cheese, and silken tofu or taho.

 Chef CLAUDE TAYAG of BALE DUTUNG fame went for the ADOBO.

HE talked about how adobo and how it came to be. He was able to create "ADOBO ni JUAN TAMAD" and ADOBONG PUTI. Both are basically the same but still different. One was simple and plain yet the other was a bit salty and perfect as a rice partner. It really differs on what the diners would really want to eat.

Last but not the least, Chef JP of SARSA talked about making something simple but incredibly good. 


This spring roll was perfect. The bangus or fish made it a little sweet. The Batikulon Mang Tomas Sauce is a sort of gravy that would be perfect for meat like lechon or roasted pig. The Talangka Vinegar is hands down the perfect sauce combination for this. It is sour yet has a over powering taste of crab fat. This with rice is just pure love. 

SM, being the main mall in the Philippines, partnered itself with the Department of Tourism and Madrid Fusion Manila to provide a platform for a culinary experience like no other. They saw this opportunity to service the foodies in the metro with amazing products that would really feed the cravings of the foodies and normal person alike.

With that, the presentation and launch ended with people going home with tummies filled with happiness. I can't wait for APRIL 24 as MADRID FUSION MANILA will open up its doors and show the international community what Manila could do in the global scene.

Location of launch:
Sarsa @ Sm Mall of Asia

SMX CONVENTION on April 24 to 26 , 2015
PASAY CITY, Metro Manila
Check out SM's Facebook for more exciting deals and events

Disclaimer: was invited to this event by Sm Super Malls, wrote this based on my experience.
Some of the photos/logos are not mine. credit goes to SM.
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  1. Ikain mo na lang ako, kuya. huhuhu. :'( Sayang wala ako sa Pinas nun.

  2. Incredible chefs from Spain and Asia? Wow! This event is too exciting! I can imagine that any combination of Asian and Spanish flavors will be good. Sadly, I could not come because I'll be flying to China this Wednesday. :|

    On a brighter note, I'm just about 10 minutes away from MOA on a regular day. I can't wait to taste Sarsa's Seared Prawn with Marinated Saba, Avocado and Burnt Coconut Vinegar looks really tasty.

    1. weeeee... you too!!! Enjoy China Roch!!!! .. uhm the seared prawn was actually a creation of Chef Bruce from Mecha Uma... incredible experience to try out everything