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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I found myself wanting more. I was tired of the usual fast food fare and I was craving for awesome comfort food. TIPPLE and SLAW certainly delivers.

Not only do they serve amazing drinks but TIPPLE and SLAW is a legit place to have your lunch, snack and dinner. TIPPLE and SLAW have an amazing menu that serve meals that make you happy.

 I tried their offerings once and I vowed that I will return. In the past month, I did. Twice.

I was with friends from #thektg and had an awesome lunch. Yes, I did go hungry. Super duper thanks to CHEF FRANCIS LIM! (of NAV and MELTING POT fame)

Drinks were served first. Strawberry Iced Tea, Arnold Palmer and  Orange Iced Tea.
Refreshing drinks for the hot summer.

UMAMI FRIES (250Php) is the perfect snack. Containing truffle and everything umami. From seaweeds flakes to Japanese Mayo.

TATER TOTS with duck fried meat. Another great beer match dish.

A crown favorite was up next. The CHICKEN NUGGETS (250Php)
None of that greasy stuff. This has all the sauces that you would want. From mustard, ketchup and their very own bbq sauce that goes with everything.

DUCK SLIDERS were also a nice treat. It is your duck burgers on steroids.

Another sandwich not to be missed is the PORCHETTA SANDWICH (350Php). This was overflowing with porchetta. The bread was cooked perfectly and the sauces goes well with it. 

MAC and Cheese. Super cheesy favorite. They made it right.

Their take on red sauce. It was a genius move to put some pesto on top.

Carbonara with Bacon Bits. It also have bits of gorgonzola but it went well with it perfectly.

For the mains, might I remind you to order rice. Not just any kind of rice but their DIRTY RICE!
It is so bad and wrong but good. Fried rice with all the chicharon to make it deliciously fatty.

Tipple's FRIED CHICKEN. Creamy sauce with some caviar. This dish is properly marinated and is a steal.

Don't also forget to try out their LAMB. This has the distinct lamb flavor and goes well with the salad mixture on the side.
The minty sauce makes the dish perfect.

To end the meal, we had the SMORES ICE CREAM SANDWICH.
Ice cream inside while graham crackers on the side. The marshmallow on top is just the icing!

TIPPLE and SLAW is the perfect place for a nightcap or a meal for lunch or dinner. Honestly, the prices are competitive with other establishment in the area. The food is superb and I don't mind that they have alcoholic drinks on the side too. Can't wait to go back. 

BGC, TAGUIG CITY, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to try out the restaurant.Went back on a separate occasion and paid for our meals.
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  1. Oh my god! This is one of those moments when I regret not taking the invitation. Sobrang sayang! The food looks delicious!

    1. dude!!!!!!! It was so good I went back and I really enjoyed the food. Not to mention the drinks. I love just chilling here. :D :D :D